Easter Sweets

The happy spring time colors and the cute little bunnies
You will never ever hear me complain about stores unloading
their holiday merchandise months in advance
without holidays we would have nothing to look forward to
okay maybe that is a bit exaggerated
but I can't help it, I love to celebrate, decorate, and create
special memories with my family and friends
and my friends in blogland only add to the fun
I know I'm not alone - that perhaps many of you were also thinking of Easter
within days of Christmas wrapping up?!
Easter crafting is my favorite!
Unfortunately with our move I wasn't able to really partake as much this year
but we are finally settled
haha well at least most of my life is out of boxes
I can't wait to share with you all our beautiful new home
but I will leave that for another blog post.

The little bunny decoration above is my second contribution to
Lollishops Spring Design Team
Melissa Hicks all the way from Australia
won the bunny box I made for the last challenge
Melissa was so sweet to share that her daughter
thinks the little box has a touch of magic
I told her to let me know if anything truly magical happens Easter day!

So make sure you leave a comment
because you never know when magic is on your side?!
I'll announce this winner this Saturday!

The supplies for this challenge came from
Lollishop vender Inspiration Cottage

I wanted to share a few new scrapbook pages I made of Easters past

I loved this matching easter set we had when I was about 7
I always loved how my mother coordinated our outfits
with my dress being bit different than my little sisters
it made me feel special to have the "big" girl dress
these days I feel more comfortable and happy
in "little" girl styles
my mother is quite convinced something went wrong in my childhood
but I'm very much happy with who I am
and simply remind her that I've always been my own person
at age 13 I still preferred wearing whirly twirly dresses
and had I not felt so influenced by my peers into my teens
I think I would have worn them straight through high school

My sweet little husband also loved dressing up too!
His momma says that he was always eager to put on his suits,
with a his tie and cowboy boots any day of the week
too cute! I met jimmy when he was in a suite
he's quite a charmer when he's all pressed
and looking like he has somewhere very important to get to

I'm curious:
Did your parents get you Easter outfits and did you like them?
Did they coordinate with your brothers and sisters?
Do you pick out outfits for your little ones?

I know if I was a momma I would just love dressing my kiddies up!!!

Digi Kits:
a Gnome Hut
A Print a Day
Kitschy Digitals

Pockets Full of CHANGE

The VERY LAST thing I should be doing right now is blogging!
there is so much to do before we move
YES! I said MOVE!

Jimbob got the magic call last Thursday
and we are heading out THIS saturday!
We are supper dupper excited, tired, anxious
and all that jazz... but who has time to dwell on such things
when there is endless packing, cleaning, painting and the like to be done?

We are almost 100% sure we have our sweet little home rented out
It will be really strange to know someone else is living in my home
but we have very much outgrown it... and change is fun!?
My biggest fear... which is quite silly, is that they will paint
over my (in my humble opinion) awesome sewing pattern wallpaper
and even more terrifying my nursery room stripes!
That makes me the most sad :(
But I'm not sure 3 guys will be that "into" my aesthetics?

really excited to have more STUDIO SPACE!!!!
That is a priority for me!!!!
But who knows? We haven't finalized a house to rent quite yet
I'll be sure to keep you all posted asap
until then... I'll be going half mad
trying to get things ready.

*For my friends in P town -
I love you all and I am sorry I didn't have time to call you all
and even more sorry that we wont get a chance
to say our proper goodbyes :(
but I love you all - you know who you are
and I will visit! And you can all come visit me!
haha except I haven't told you where I'm moving...
I'm keeping that a secret for now :)


p.s. I'll be closing my shop this Friday...
and i'll re-open it as soon as we have internet access and I've unpacked my shop goods.

Oh dang! I am sure going to miss this sweet little place !!!!

It's Not Easy

I'm not always the chipper little happy bird
I portray here in blog land
I have more down and out days
than happy go lucky days it seems
but I do my best to battle off my grump bump self
and enjoy each and every day - as I should!
But not being able to get prego has been HARD!
Especially when it seems like everyone you know around you is saying
It's been especially difficult being supportive and the big sister
my little prego sister needs me to be
it's hard to not want to pull my hair out each time
she calls the baby "it"
This Scrap page is about my sad days
but also about not giving up hope
I just HAD to purchase this little sweater the other day
I adore Lyle the Crocodile
and hey it was on sale!
Sometimes I'm hard on myself for buying such things
but then again life is short
best to do silly things once in while
if it makes you smile :)

All Digi Scraps from Julie of MINITOKO
Her line of Digi products are all inspiring!
I'm not joking... I'm seriously addicted!
Karli just posted all about Minitoko on our blog
check it out to see why I'm so crazy in love with this gal
PLUS Julie is offering one of our lucky readers an exclusive kit!
Yupp... a one of a kind kit for one lucky lucky person!

I've been a little lacks about sharing my wardrobe
with this new year... sorry
honestly it's because my house is never clean
so I have nowhere to pose.... yeah I need to work on that
This dress I purchased at a G-sale
lady said her mother sewed and wore it to her wedding
how sweet is that!?

Just rolled in a new batch of headbands!
I've made two separate orders of cabochons from Asia
ugggg... it's so hard to wait the 2-3 weeks
I'm practically stalking my mailbox these days
so once they are in I'm really going to be a busy gal!

A Little Get Away

I'm sitting in an internet cafe ~
trying to think seems impossible with the music
and the chatter of friends meeting over a cup of joe
but I promised I would reveal the winner
of my bunny Shadow box today
and so here I am
I'm happy to announce
will soon be welcoming my little box into her home
Congrats Melissa!

I'm so happy to be away in Idaho for the weekend
when I'm not feeling well both physically and mentally
it's my very favorite place to be
away from my everyday worries
the endless chores, my even more endless to do list
and yes even my computer -
which I seem to never be able to leave a lone

Isn't that after all why Alice followed the white rabbit
down his whole? - to get away?

I thought it would be fun to share these magazine clippings with you
I believe they are from the 1960s?
they were quite oversized, no the typical magazine sizes
we are familiar with today

I assume many of you are off to see the new Alice this weekend?
I think we might wait until early next week...
but I am quite excited to see it
and I just can't believe an entire year has passed
sense those first magical sneak peaks!?

Well I'm off to enjoy the rest of my weekend
away from the computer!

Hugs! Chelsea Ann