A Little Angel

I'm happy to announce the arrival of my nephew
Austin Levi
He's perfect in every way
After 14 hours of labor
the little guy started to stress
and momma was rushed into surgery
Little Austin was born 6 days past his original due date
weighing 8 pounds, 11 ounces

I'm so happy for Jordy
She found the love of her life
and together they are going to raise one adorable little boy
who is destined to be a little cowboy
They are going to be a really fun family to watch grow!

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of the little guy
he didn't much like not being swaddled
so we had to spend a good portion of the morning
to get just a few good shots

Digi Sources
1. ittybittybirdy - Circus Party
Minitoko - Free & Cute Mini Template
Tada - Suprise Papers

2. ittybittybirdy - Circus Party
A Print A Day - Tiniest Garden - Dolly
Kitschy Digitals - Vintage Cameras - NSD Freebie

I'm off this weekend for my sister-in-laws wedding
should be fun!
Hope you all have a fun weekend!!!
Hugs~ Chelsea Ann

Adventuring we will go...

Let's go on a little field trip gals?
What do you say - are you in?

I discovered these old National Geographic tear outs
in Portland's Library clipping files
This magical wonderland
known as Bekonscot
is the oldest original model village in the world!
AND unlike Santa's Villages

Better yet let's all move to London
and work there!
The perfect back up plan incase I never get the job
of re-glittering It's a Small World for Disney

When I was a little girl I use to go to these farm shows with my dad
where they had these tiny model farms
the detail in some of them was so amazing
I wonder if people still do those?
Gosh I'm going to have to look into that
nothing sounds more fun
than spending the day playing farmer,
seeing my hubbies eyes light up with all those giant man toys
and as I recall tractor toy collectors galore
Oh yeah I know I'm weird
BUT I love myself some John Deere

Can you imagine bringing your Blythe Dolls here!?

I wonder how often things break?
With my lack of depth-perception
perhaps I should just take it all in on-line?

Now that I am home by myself most of the week
the smallest thing entertains me
like crop dusters, birds mocking my dogs,
and the mail man is my new best friend
although mostly he only brings packages for my husband
but yesterday I got one!
And what a GREAT package it was!
Do you notice anything familiar?
YUPP! Those are my graphics!!!!
So cute! Danielle Thompson designed the banner
for Amanda of Hey Yoyo!
I am crazy mad for her shop!
as I am sure most of you are too?!
I mean for pete sakes this gal has been honored by Martha!

Happy happy mail indeed!

These two pictures are by no means perfect
but I still love them
I'm thinking it's about time that I reintroduce
Project Dress Up
into my life again!
It's not easy to get out of the pjs most days
especially when you don't see a single soul all day.
lol I think the mail man and woman would be shocked to see me
without my fuzzy pj pants, and slippers

I ruined my hair yet again!
Every time it gets to my shoulders
I go ahead and do something stupid
like getting a perm!
So my little sister cut my hair!
And I love my hair again!!! YEAH!
Looks super cute now with my YoYo Headbands too!

Again LOVING actions by

Oh and FYI
Yours truly is going to become an AUNT today!
About time! Jordy is now 5 days late
Poor thing!

The other side of the rainbow

I'm loving my new life in Idaho
loving the quiet, slow paced lifestyle of country living
My depression issues have improved dramatically
my anxiety is practically nonexistent
and my overall energy has night to day improved

there are always a few clouds looming above
moving to Idaho has it's negatives
besides missing my friends and family
I am no longer sheltered by hundreds of miles
from childhood memories
it's funny how distance can heal old wounds
do you know what I'm talking about?
Have you ever traveled back to a place
that fosters negative memories?
My childhood was not so dramatic
nothing terribly shocking
but there are plenty of scars
plenty of memories I'd rather forget
See, just 3 hours from where I live now
are two men who I once called Dad
One raised me
One gave me life
both played a role in my life
both come with some wonderful,
somewhat normal childhood memories
yet both walked out of my life
both left scars I try hard to cover.
One doesn't even acknowledge my existence
not even 20' apart from one another,
the other simply walked away...
I'm plagued with fear, and anxiety
every-time I visit my childhood town
and no I can not simple not visit
as my grandparents, friends, sister
and soon to arrive new nephew
all call this place home

For the last 7 years
I've been overwhelmed with nightmares
about being abandoned, rejected, and unloved
I know that I deserve more
but it's hard for the heart to disconnect from the brain
or is that the other way around?
anywho... i've been writing letters lately
of things I wish I could say -
frustration, anger, sadness, and remorse
things that sit heavy on my heart
and eat at my brain
trying to work through it
trying to find closure
see it's much as if they were dead
and there presence in the world
is are my ghost
I only wish these were the friendly type
It can be hard to move forward
to except things as they are
I sometimes wish I was religious
I think that would help
but lol I have childhood scars
when it comes to religion as well
I fear the idea of a god
I'm terrified of praying
I somehow developed this notion
that if you asked god for something
he would take it away
to test your spiritually
must have come from a childhood of praying
and things only seeming to get worse?
I also always hated the way my church portrayed heaven
and I hate the idea that "good" people go to hell
If you're religious please do not be offended
I am very respectful of others beliefs
and like I said I wish I could find that type of faith
but in so many ways we are a product of our childhood
~good and bad~

Speaking of things both good and bad
My Miller baby is sure loving the country life too
he doesn't seem to have a single issue with it!

I've given up on making beds
If it's not one pup it's another
their comfort is top priority around here
I guess!?

This one is my favorite
I've been playing around with some free actions from
(which I found through Maybe* Mej)
I've been kinda mix'n them together
pretty fun stuff

Well I'm off to bed
hubby hates when we don't go to bed at the same time
heck I hate that too
gosh is this my second post today?
It's been a very long, very productive, very adventurous day
hubby and I drove up to the dam
it was so beautiful! Felt like we were on vacation
even though we were only a few miles away from home
how funny and wonderful!
Sweet dreams

~ Chelsea Ann

Inspiration - Craft Show Displays

My Aunt and I are filling our calendars with Saturday Markets,
Festivals, Fairs and the like to keep us busy this summer
the only problem is that typically I bring half my house
to make my display
and I would much rather not have to piece together
my house after each show
so I've been scouring flickr for ideas for creating the
"perfect" booth :)

Here are a few pictures of displays form last years shows

Anyone else participated in any shows this summer?
What do you do for your display?

For the display I'm working on right now I'm really trying to de-clutter
stay tuned... I've started constructing a few of the pieces
I've even created a headband stand! I'm really proud of it
it's always been impossible to find a way to display them
and really shows them off
I won't have anything to show if I don't get back to work

Hope your having a great week!
~Chelsea Ann

Birthday Girl...

Sorry if my title made you think it was my b-day
nope one more month to go to the big 2-5!
I'm really excited to bring you this new digi kit
perfect for baby's first birthday, to slumber parties,
all the way through to
her sweet 16th
of coarse I am sure you can find other uses too
here are just a few example from my own scrapbook

Digi Kits:
Background and roses: ittybittybirdy - Sweet Marie
Cupcakes, rosettes, and hearts: ittybittybirdy - Birthday Girl
Ribbons: Minitoko - Kawaii Ribbon - limited addition
Cupcake with rose: Minitoko - Cadies and Cakes - limited addition
Frame: Kitschy Digitals - Woodgrain Frames
Buttons, and fabric roses: Kitschy Digitals - Olivia
Macaroon: Pugly Pixel (free download)
Crystal's Journaling Snippetts: Creatively by Crystal

Digi Kits:
Background: ittybittybirdy - Rainbow Quilts
Cupcake, and rosettes: ittybittybirdy - Birthday Girl
Lace frame: ittybittybirdy - Sweet Marie
Ribbons: Minitoko - Kawaii Ribbon - limited addition
Cupcakes: Minitoko - Cadies and Cakes - limited addition
candy sticks: Minitoko - Cute Food
Frame: Kitschy Digitals - Vintage Cabinet Card
7: AWP - A Doodle Bug (free download)

Page design from Minitoko! Thanks gf!
All Embellishments: ittybittybirdy - Birthday Girl
Background: Minitoko - Les Petits Papiers

Sorry if I missed any credits...

In other news
My little brother WON the West coast AMA Super motocross CHAMPIONSHIP!
It was amazing! Blog post to come... just as soon as dad sends over the pics.
Little sister is just 10 days from her due date.
I can't hardly believe 9 months have gone by!
Jim and I are still loving life in the country!!!

How about you? How's life?
~Chelsea Ann