New Keepsake Cakes! Beary Exciting!

Yeah! Two new cakes!
I'm working on making a Care Bear Series!
How fun would these be for a little girls birthday?!

Share Bear Keepsake Cake

Wrapped in white cotton candy like yarn and adorn in baby blue, pinks and purples.

Love a Lot Bear Keepsake Cake

The picture is sadly misleading because this sweet cake is actually wrapped in pink cotton candy like yarn and is playfully decorated in pinks, red and yellow

These bears won't be in any shop too soon, but if your interest in purchasing one now let me know and I will list it just for you!

Fun Care Bear Activities:

Which of the Care Bears are you?

Oh too true! I do love to make people happy! 

Also check out this really lovely website dedicated entirely to those cute little bears!

Be Inspired - It's Friday!

 but rarely where we seek it.
-J. Petit Senn

I have always been crafty, but it wasn't until blogging came about that I found this necessity to garnish everything with bows and glitter. Transforming ordinary objects into sweet but non edible delectable has become somewhat of a passion. Anytime I start to waver, start thinking I need a break... I am inspired- By one of you! 

In My Little Home

Charlie sits at his perch watching closely for any moving thing and dreaming of freedom. It's not that he doesn't love being our little boy, it's just that he can't help his Jack Russell instinct. On a good day Charlie will get out of the yard at least once. Digging through concrete, eating through wire, or pulling down our 14' + hedge branch by branch. Once freedom is his he spends his time getting to know his neighbors. We have almost lived in our house a year and I wouldn't be surprised if everyone in a 6 block radius knows Charlie by name. 

Fireplace Mantel has changed again. This time a bit more simple. A dear friend of mine gave me 7 white miniature pumpkins. It was a very special gift- he said they were for luck!
Also this beautiful heart came to me from Elizabeth from creative breathing. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends from blog land.  Elizabeth has been a dear friend through my ups and downs of the last few weeks. I feel truly honored to have one of her lovely pieces of 
he-art. Thank You Elizabeth!

Found this really cute lamp the other day. The fabric seems so familiar to me... could it have been my curtain material in my first bedroom. I'm going to have to ask mom about this one.
I love this little corner of my house. Right of the front door, it holds all my fondest memories of our wedding day. Sadly I can't show the whole little cupboard because Miller ate the rest of it! Very Bad Dog! 

I moved my studio again! This time I moved my computer and all my toys and craft supplies down to the basement. I grew up in a basement so in a lot of ways it feels so homey to me. I love all the space- endless it seems :)

Found this little dress at Goodwill the other day. 
It makes me smile... and when times get tuff and I start to get depressed I look up at that little dress and remind myself of what is to come!

Come in, come in my pretties

Oh I am so super excited that you have dropped by. I have been very busy of late. Making magical brews, decorating the house, and working on this years frightfully wonderful costume. 
But do grab a cookie and I will share with you everything I have been doing to make this years Halloween terrifyingly special.

If you fallow my blog you will know that I have been working on a special brew, the kind of brew that stirs up magic and mischief. I have been working day and night to make a potion that would turn my former manager into a toad. But unfortunately the only thing that I produced was pumpkin soup. 

So I opted to use a wand instead... 
but I messed the spell up and turned myself into a toad instead!

I learned a very valuable lesson... don't wish to turn anybody into a toad.
It turns out being a toad is actually quite fun! 
So it's not quite a terrible punishment after all,
especially when you meet up with a moose!

I actually don't really like scary frightful things! 
I like cute, silly, and eccentric Halloween costumes myself.
I wonder what you are going to be this halloween?
I'm going to be a...
Actually I'm not going to tell you!!! 
But come back over the day after Halloween and I will be sure to post many wonderful picture!
The stangest things I have been thus far in my life have been an old man and an astronaut. 

I do love Trick or Treating! I am very excited that this year we wont only get Trick or Treaters at our house, but that I also get to go with the cutest 3 year old ever! 
I hope I get lots of Tootsie Rolls!

I love to decorate for the holidays! 

Found this vintage scarecrow at Goodwill! Love him! 
With his little heart cheeks!

We can't carve pumpkins yet, because there is too much moisture and not enough cold. So we will wait a bit longer... but we went to the patch and picked out the very best-est pumpkins we could find. I picked a big 30 pounder... uggg it was a terrible ordeal walking it all the way back to the car. Next year I will keep the size of my pumpkin in mind. Oh isn't my hubby adorable!

I leave you with a picture of last years pumpkins... It will be hard to beat that cuteness. 
I wish you all a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Thursday, A Day Before Friday...

"Little girls are precious gifts, 
wrapped in love serene. 
Their dresses tied with sashes 
and futures tied with dreams."
-Author Unkown

I am sorry I have not done a Friday Mosaic is sometime... Something always seems to get in the way... as in this case today is not Friday but Thursday... But I knew I would have no time tomorrow so I am dropping this one by a bit early. I am sure you wont mind.
As you can see, baby girls are on my mind today. Yesterday I talked to my doctor about starting a family! 6 months down the road from now Jimmy and I think we will be ready to start ourselves a little family of our own! I am soooo excited! I have wanted to be a mother forever it seems. Jim and I always say that ideally we would like a boy first... so that the rest of the children would have a big brother... but all I can think about at the moment are little girls. Big bows, and pink, pink, pink

Trying New Things

Down in the basement of the old Vancouver Academy is a little room stuffed to the brim with vintage finds and oddities of all kinds. Maria's Vintage is catch all for all things collectable and valuable. It is here that I make my fist appearance in the world of vintage consignment. Tucked in a corner are all my small treasures I have collected over the years. All the items I bought, not because I needed but because I liked them and saw an ounce of value in. Hopefully this new endeavor will lead to greater things than just clearing some *junk* out of the closets! 
P.S. I did sadly take a few items out of my etsy shop... but I need a few more items to fill the shelves!

This cookie jar is one of the items in the new shop. 
Just the cutest pink Pyrex style christmas cooke jar. 

P.S. if there is ever anything I show for the shop 
that your interested in... please let me know 
and I will tell you more about it 
and even list it on etsy for you.

I made a handful of these little coaster size signs
 to help create an identity for my little corner.

And with the help of a Martha Stewart Craft tool I made my own sales tags! 

Wish me LUCK!

When One Door Closes Another will Open?

I sure hope the saying is true. For I find myself quite on the other side of a door I should have never thought to find myself at so soon. Oh yes, I knew the day was coming... but my was I surprised when it was I who opened it and slammed it on my way out. See yesterday I QUIT my job. I was belittled by my manager and I stood up for myself. I was a valuable asset to the company I worked for and I would not put up with being told otherwise. I stood up for myself because I wanted to prove to myself and my co-workers that we deserve to be respected (no matter what the company might be going through)! 

So where to now... Who really knows. I am giving myself a few days before I really start to explore that question. But for now I am happy cleaning house and making 3 coarse meals for my very sweet and supportive husband! Lets just hope that the next door leads to something Magical! Because I could sure use some magic right now- like the kind that turns former managers into toads... or something like that.


I know what your thinking. "where's the mosaic and the quote?"
Well I'm sorry to say I kinda of forgot. 
I started working on updating my etsy shop and such and well now I can't seem to get myself in the mood to do MORE computer stuff. 
But I have all these lovely new images uploaded
 so I might as well share them!

Found these two Fisher Price TV-Radios this week.
Funny thing is I didn't find them at the same places! 
Jack and Jill I found at a yard sale. 
The man there said if I held on to it for 3 more years 
it would be 50 years old! 
He got it the year he was born.
The other I would have totally missed 
had not my wonderful new friend Allisa saw it at a Thrift Shop. 
Unfortunately it doesn't work! 
But I got the price down- because I just had to have in anyways!

The remaining items are all available in my etsy shop!
 And yes this time they are really there. I
t sure takes a good long sit to get anything done! 
But it is done now and what a relief!

Really love these two Paddington Bar music Boxes. 
I was going to hold on to them
but I have no memory of Paddington from childhood 
so I thought someone out there may 
just love and appreciate these more than me.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! 
It is dreary outside again which is not helping my mood-
and I have to work all day tomorrow. 
But I'm trying REAL hard to be happy happy!

Pink & green by Ellie

I am sooo in love with miss Ellie's new shop - Picnic by Ellie
I can't even put into words how much I want the pink and green bag! 
My stomach aches... I want it so bad!! 
I realized after uploading the images for this post
 that all the products I love are all in the same color way- 
isn't that just too funny! 
Well do pop in and see more of the lovelies in Ellie's supper fun shop. 
P.S. if any one gets the bag please spare me... keep it a secret!