When One Door Closes Another will Open?

I sure hope the saying is true. For I find myself quite on the other side of a door I should have never thought to find myself at so soon. Oh yes, I knew the day was coming... but my was I surprised when it was I who opened it and slammed it on my way out. See yesterday I QUIT my job. I was belittled by my manager and I stood up for myself. I was a valuable asset to the company I worked for and I would not put up with being told otherwise. I stood up for myself because I wanted to prove to myself and my co-workers that we deserve to be respected (no matter what the company might be going through)! 

So where to now... Who really knows. I am giving myself a few days before I really start to explore that question. But for now I am happy cleaning house and making 3 coarse meals for my very sweet and supportive husband! Lets just hope that the next door leads to something Magical! Because I could sure use some magic right now- like the kind that turns former managers into toads... or something like that.


Anonymous said...

You deserve to be respected Chelsea !
The shame is probably that you have had to leave your job because of this question of non-respect ! I really hope that all of those working relations will change one day !!!
I cross my fingers for you to find another door opening very soon with a normal human respect !
Je t'embrasse Chelsea :)

Sweetina said...

Good Girl! I'm happy that you stood up for yourself and showed that manager that you expect better for yourself and your career.
No job is worth maltreatment~whether the boss is stressed or not.
Absolutely another door will open and you will fing this has been a Blessing in disguise. You have just proven to yourself that you deserve better. You will gain alot of respect and you so deserve it.
Enjoy the time in between and recharge your battery~
Bless You,Sweet Girl.

Eva said...

Good for you! You're a lot stronger than most of us!!! I've been in those positions before... and all I could do is imagine doing something like that... of course, it wasn't long before I found another job. Some people... stinks that sometimes 1 person at a company can ruin your entire happiness at the place. But you'll be happier now and things will work out with some time :) I'm confident of it! Wishing you well!!!!

valerie said...

of course a new door will open for you! that's so cool and brave of you. i had a horrible first year at my current job, but had to tough it out for financial reasons. i am glad you have the opportunity and support to find a new path. i'm also glad you're enjoying a few days at home. that's always nice!

may the magic be with you :)

Anonymous said...

*hug* i wish you well lady! you are in my thoughts. see ya soon! :)


creative breathing said...

You stood up for yourself and left this time. A time will come when you will stand up for yourself and stay. When that happens your life will change. I am an employment specialist, and I know this from experience. One day you will be in a job you are passionate about, and no one will be able to make you leave! The best of luck to you. Elizabeth

Kristen said...

Good for you!!
I'm sure that was just the beginning of really great things to come :)

scribbler said...

that takes some balls sister. way to go!

chelsea said...

I wish you all the best Chelsea Ann! It's a very hard time right now for most people. Let me know when you come across some of that magic to turn people into toads!!! :)

Bethany Hissong said...

Oh Sweetheart, you will look back on this and be proud of yourself! I did the same thing when I was first married (my manager still irritates me to think about it!!!). I decided to work for a temp agency while looking for another full-time position. They put me at an ad agency as the receptionist and I ended up being offered a regular job in their creative department!! One of my "dream" positions!! I couldn't imagine if I had never taken that road and made that decision! The ad agency experience opened so many more doors for me when I moved to PA. I'm just here to tell you that when you do the right thing, the right things happen!!!

Laura Marie said...

Good for you! if it was that bad then congratulations for walking out. :D...im sure that even if a door doesnt open a window will :)