I know what your thinking. "where's the mosaic and the quote?"
Well I'm sorry to say I kinda of forgot. 
I started working on updating my etsy shop and such and well now I can't seem to get myself in the mood to do MORE computer stuff. 
But I have all these lovely new images uploaded
 so I might as well share them!

Found these two Fisher Price TV-Radios this week.
Funny thing is I didn't find them at the same places! 
Jack and Jill I found at a yard sale. 
The man there said if I held on to it for 3 more years 
it would be 50 years old! 
He got it the year he was born.
The other I would have totally missed 
had not my wonderful new friend Allisa saw it at a Thrift Shop. 
Unfortunately it doesn't work! 
But I got the price down- because I just had to have in anyways!

The remaining items are all available in my etsy shop!
 And yes this time they are really there. I
t sure takes a good long sit to get anything done! 
But it is done now and what a relief!

Really love these two Paddington Bar music Boxes. 
I was going to hold on to them
but I have no memory of Paddington from childhood 
so I thought someone out there may 
just love and appreciate these more than me.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! 
It is dreary outside again which is not helping my mood-
and I have to work all day tomorrow. 
But I'm trying REAL hard to be happy happy!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Fisher Price radio !
Oh Paddington :) It is not my childhood, but I like him :)
Have a wonderful, sunny, happy, super great weekend dear Chelsea :)))


Christy said...

That's double happiness! :)

Anonymous said...

Those Pyrex bowls are so fun!

- Alissa

KayEllen said...

What fun vintage treasures you found! I had one of those toy TV radios when I was little!!!
You found 2 wow!!!
Take care,

valerie said...

i heart pyrex, especially in pairs!