Lollipop Lane

It's a candy colored world all year long on Lollipop Lane. 

From red and pink at 

to shamrocks and rainbows on
St. Patrick's Day

then hip-pity hop...

and before we know it 

then red, white and blue and it's
4th of July

and quickly summer ends and it's time for

leaves change colors and children play football in the 

 things get a little spooky on

then snow begins to fall in the

and every year jolly ol' St. Nicolas visits us at

After about a month and a half I am finally done with my largest custom order yet. 
It was a really rewarding project. It's so fun to see all the holidays and seasons come to life in their own special way. 
I apologize for my absence from the land of blogging. I have been so busy with one project or another. My blog reader is bursting at the seems and e-mails left un-replied. Please be patient with me for the next couple of weeks. I hope you all are having a great week yourselves. 

Chelsea Ann

p.s. I would love to know which house is your favorite :)

Weekend Adventures

What an incredible last race my little brother had this weekend
It West Coast Championship race.
My brother who was running in second for overall points left nothing on the table
With a terrible start he managed to pick through the pack landing himself in 2nd place
and had he had even one or two lines more I am sure victory that night would have been his!
It was incredible! I wish I could have been there!

This is me with my dad at last weekends race in Seattle.

And my handsome brother JAKE with our Mum

It was a little chilly that day so I was sure glad I had my new earmuffs I purchased from the sweetest etsy shop Zygomatics.  

If you don't know very much about the sport of Motocross take a second and watch this clip of my little brother riding. 
I have to say I am pretty start struck with him,
he is such an amazing kid and such a role model!
Starting at the age of 4, I have seen Jake's drive and dedication to the Sport.
It's so empowering to see his dreams come true!

I love you Rooster!
& I know you'll be taking that Championship home next year!
Good-luck in Vegas!

I had some adventures of my own this weekend
I overcame my fear of driving to new places 
and took a little trip to meet a fellow blogger
We had such a lovely time chatting about marriage, children, and blogging
Britt's the first fellow blogger who I've had the pleasure of meeting.
I hope this is a start of a very special friendship.

We exchanged gifts
and I received this most beautiful wall hanging full of crafting supplies!
It is so sweet and adorable.

Tomorrow is Britt's oldest - 2nd Birthday!
Happy Birthday Little Man!
What a cutie pie!

Last night my school pal Victoria and I went to see the broadway Grease
We had such a fun time bopping and grooving to the music. 
It was NEAT!
LOL and the lady sitting next to me asked how marriage life was...
remember last time I went to the broadway I wore my wedding gown?!

I was catching up on Britt's blog and found this link 
she gave for making photos look really really old.
You should give it a try ~ 

Hope you all had an adventurous weekend as-well! 
If you have time please stop by and check out my picks for this Mondays Paper Cakes Finds

Don't Cry

 Today I received two packages in the mail and had one more to pick up on my way to work.
Each package was filled with lovely items
The first two were things I had ordered, which I will share with you soon
The second package which I picked up at the post office was from my dearest friend Elizabeth.
I waited to open it up until I was safely parked in the parking garage and had just a few moments to spare before my work day started.
I gasped in shear wonderment at the beautiful and intricate pin cushion made specially for me
How could such a thing exists?
So perfect, so sweet, so ME!
The craftsmanship can not be put into words. 
This treasure is magical!

What is truly magic is the message.
The first ever item Elizabeth sent me said 
"tie a bow"
it was a special message just for me!
It signified many a conversation Elizabeth and I 
had in the first months of getting to know one another. 
I was meant to encourage me to pursue my dreams.

This new message
"don't cry"
is where the real magic in my gift lyes. 
For the last few months I have been a roller coaster of emotions.
I go up up up and then down down down
Each morning I seem to wake up in a totally different state of mind.
I brush it off as hormones or suppressed issues from my childhood
But what is most upsetting is when I seem to spiral out of control in a mere instant.
Like a switch being flipped on, I'm crying

This is not the person I want to be.
I want to be the person I portray in my pictures 
The happy go lucky girl with a big bright smile on her face 
and an optimistic look on life

I've gotten on some vitamin D3 in hopes that will help with my lack of sun blues
But I think what I really need is somebody to talk to.
It's nice to get things off your chest... 
But also I just need to make a more conscious decision to


Sluggish Economy SALE!

Hello Sweets~
We are all feeling the icky effects of this economy
some of us have lost our homes, jobs, and most of all our sense of security
I've personally been pretty lucky
things are tight 
but I try to keep optimistic and help others out whenever I can
I haven't been pushing sales lately. 
I know that buying silly things is just not a luxury anymore
But I know sometimes it just perks us up 
to buy something special for yourself or someone you love
So in the spirit of optimism 
I've added SALE sections in both my shops
and these SALES will not be going away at the end of this week
The Sluggish Economy Sale will be going on until life goes back to normal
I hope for all our sakes this is soon!


The Smile On Your Face

(visit my flickr for links)

The smile on your face let's me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever I fall
You say it best, when you say nothing at all

I just can't resist a cute face
It's no wonder I'm such a terrible dog mother
Miller's Basset Hound puppy eyes get me every-time

I wouldn't buy half as much stuff it it didn't have such an adorable face

I fall in love
and there is not a thing I can do
but take each cutie face home

These salt and pepper shakers are so adorable
they make me want to go bake a cake for my honey bunny man

I spent the morning taking pictures of just a few of the faces around my house.
Some of them are waiting for Keepsake Cakes, others are well selfishly just for me

I really should send this happy little Zebra to my Aunt
she collects them, or at-least she did when I was a little girl

hehe who thought of making a purple bull?
Once I asked my husband the difference between, heifers, cows, steers, and bulls...
and the different types of cows
oh my what a long conversation that was
my hubby was in FFA (Future Farmers of America)

Poor salt and pepper puppy
she lost her twin brother

Make sure you stop by Paper*Cakes Finds Monday 
I'm going to feature irresistibly cute faces for next weeks theme

(picture by Warren Price)

Would you all keep my little brother in your thoughts and prayers
only 2 races left until the Championship
He is in 2nd place at the moment!
This is soooooooo exciting I get goose bumps just thinking about it
I'm sooooo proud of him!
We are heading up tomorrow to see him race in Seattle
GO JAKE! #19

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!