Hippity POP POP

If Christmas didn't come with all those pretty ribbons
and if I wasn't quite so spoiled rotten
and there wasn't mistletoe, and men made of snow
I think I would love Easter best of all

Pretty Pretty Happy Spring Colors
From sweet pastels to Bright and Poppy Hues
I simple adore it all

So shucks ~ here is my Easter Digi Kit
I had really wanted to make an Easter kit
but nothing I came up with seemed quite right
and then I stumbled upon this Poppy Cheerful color-scheme
and it was as if spring had sprung!

As always my kits are set up to simply
click and print!

Perfect for crafting, scrapbooking, and the like

I've already found one good use for the colored eggs background
- makes for a sweet background for one very charming little duck!

This little Easter shadow box
is my contribution for Lollishops

Our inspiration Kit came from
Lollishop seller

I have to be honest
I stared at the supplies for weeks
maybe ever stressed about it a little :(
but then in a flash it came to me ... like magic
I think I struggled so much
as I haven't crafted in such a long time

but once I got started I was reminded of how much I love
turning an ordinary simple thing like a wooden box
into a sweet little Keepsake

For as some of you might recall
I started my journey here in blog land by making just that

I would very much like to send this little treasure
to one of you!
Just leave a comment on this post
and Friday I will note the winner!

Hippity Happy Week Everyone!

Little Miss Four Eyes

Hey gals!
What a week ~
it really has been a long draining week
and I just have to say Thank YOU for all your comments
they really remind me of how lovely and sweet the world can be
and help me push through the icky "life" stuff
and make it back to the things I love
like sharing with you
the simple things in this crazy world
that make me HAPPY!

Like my new glasses!

Aren't they just perfect
Seems like nobody likes pink square frames
because I got them for a steal!
YEAH happy price - love a good sale!

We four eyed gals got to stick together
and wear our nerdy specks with pride!

to continue the fun
you might be interested in this post at gnome-n-birdy
for more digi fun and 80's love'n

digital kits used: Gnome Hut - Retro Vibe Dots *NEW*
and Washi Tape Frames from Kitschy Digitals

going YoYos

I'm the kind of gal who can't sit still
watching a movie with restless hands is a nightmare
many people crochet
and god knows I've tried!
but the one thing I find the most rewarding is making YoYos

Isn't this guy so dang cute!?
My mother in law gave me
you might recall this post
well she got me the owl (of coarse)
the toy horse and the stocking holder
for Christmas!!!!! LUCKY ME!
I am blessed to have a mother-n-law
whom I adore! Like crazy adore!
She doesn't even have internet access
so she couldn't even cheat and I find out what I loved most
I so so so wish we didn't have to live so far apart
in fact if I could have things my way
she would live with us!

New batch of YoYo headbands
just landed in my little shop
This is a crazy batch too
going from way way bright and cheery
to very soft and pretty

See what I mean?

Hope you're having a great week!

Chelsea Ann

Fly Me to the Moon

Hey gals!
It's just about here ~ the sweetest holiday of them all!
I really love Valentines day...
not that it has always been memorable or romantic
or any of those other ideal dreamy things
I was never the girl who got the pink slip at school
you know the slip that meant someone special sent you flowers!
Oh man did I want that pink slip!
but really I just love walking into the store and sing my favorite color
PINK everywhere ~ and cutie pie teddy bears saying I love you
Yeah I really just love the sappy sweet corny goodness that is
Valentine's Day!

Gosh geez how time flies by ~
Do you remember last year when I hosted
Lollishops grand opening party
That was fun - I should really do something like that again :)

I just finished and listed a new kit!
It's my first all "paper" kit
I just LOVE my Double Wedding Ring Quilt
so naturally it was a perfect item for a digi kit

Isn't this paper-cut Valentines just to die for?
Every time I come across it I can't help but sing
Fly Me to the Moon in my head

Kit sources - Hearts and lace from my Sweet Marie Kit
Wood Frame form Kitschy Digitals
Loopy Frame from the Project Girl - Jen Allyson

Valentine's is so funny when your young
and you get all wrapped up into "does he like me?"
the shy awkwardness and the high high hopes
oh what silliness - how we thought we were in love
when really we didn't know what love was at all

Kit sources - blue trim from my Merry Kit and lace heart from my Sweet Marie Kit
Oval Frame form Kitschy Digitals
Loopy Frame and swirly line from the Project Girl - Jen Allyson
Valentine's Delivery Boy from Saturday Finds
and v-day background from my own personal collection

Here is my Valentine!
My wonderful PERFECT love!
We've had some really great valentines
and then sometimes life gets in the way
and you're happy
to just get a card and a morning kiss
a.k.a. this year

Speaking of Cards ~
Gnome-N-Birdy V-day posts will be devoted to crafting
and scrapbooking with vintage v-day cards
I'm really excited to showcase come of my own work
and share some great inspiration from Diane of Saturday Finds
+ there will be a chance to win some really lovely treats!
Come check it out Valentines Day or into the start of next week
if your are off romancing the day away ~

Three Little Words - Kitschy Retro Fun

My Library queue is all about this guy!
I'm just crazy in love with Fred Astaire these days

From his big ol' smile
charming vocal performances
and ofcocarse those "Daddy Long" Legs that can dance dance dance

Of the hand full I watched last week
Three Little Words was my favorite
probably has a lot to do with that Red Skelton is also part of this wonderful cast
love him too!

I've been a BIG fan of musicals from the time I was a young girl
we would often rent a classic - my mom and I for a little girl time
and to this day is one of my all time favorites

My younger days were spent in front of the tv
dreaming of what life would be like if people just naturally fell into step together
and sang of all their hearts desired ~ Oh wouldn't it be lovely!

So moving on ~
Do you recall my posts about my record collection?
The record player I'm proudly standing by is no longer with us
Jim's family wanted it back
even though it had been unloved and not touched for a good 20+ years
But even though it didn't work I hated to see it leave

my hubby did the most amazing most loving thing
he got me a new one!
There is a long cute story about he gave it to me
but I'm a terrible story teller
but basically it the "same" player
only prettier, older, and it WORKS
but of coarse it won't play any of my records
so I will have to start another collection of 78s
and hopefully someday get another player for my 45 speed vinyls

I'm currently in love with this one!
It's really fun to crank up the record player and play a cheerful tune
I especially love the crackling sounds
I can't believe what a lucky gal I am!

So it turns out that Marianne also loves the record player
and even has a little collection of her own

by the way what do you think of her new hair?
At first I wasn't that fond of it
the fit wasn't quite as I expected -the wig seemed a lot shorter for Blythe dolls
I've never actually seen a Blythe doll in person
but their heads must be a good bit bigger than that of the Pullips
I think I was most annoyed at first with the bangs
but now it has seemed to have grown on me

I'm really having fun with Marianne
I only wish the sun would show it's happy face more often
I swear mr sun ONLY comes out when I am at work! GRRRRR!
But the other night I dreamed that I was taking pictures of her
what a silly thing to dream about!

One thing I have been dreaming about for quite some time
is starting another blog
and finally this dream is a reality
I've teamed up with my dear friend Karli of Retro Plant
(aka the Gnome Hut)
to share our love for all things
Kitschy, Retro, and Fun
it will also be a place to expand upon my love
for digital scrap-booking

Please don't be a stranger if you love such things too!
Karli put together a free little Valentines Kit
for all our new friends over at Gnome-N-Birdy

Have a lovely weekend!