Ashlee's Art!

My best friend from school is an amazing artist and doesn’t even know it! She drew this beautiful girl on my chalkboard-I will never erase it!

She drew me this picture one day at school....I love elephants! And she promises me a drawing of me and my husband on our wedding day! I can't wait to get it, but she is so hard on herself she may never finish it! But if she does it is going right on top the fireplace....when we get one! I think she is amazing!♥


I am addicted to Martha Stewart these days. She has changed my life! I am learning to cook! Today I am making Carrot soup-and I don't even like carrots! But a couple of weeks ago I got together with my friend Ashlee and we made Whoopi Pies, However they turned out to be more like whoopi burgers because I only had cupcake sized cookware. But they were so cute and yummy! But beware the marshmallow frosting was stickier than snott!

my baby robot

I made this robot for a class and can you believe it I didn't get an A! My teacher said I was being to literale......oh, to be in art school-then people might understand me! But I still love my robot to death.

Stump Stools

Tree Stools by Country Skott are to die for. It almost makes want to set up my tent and face the great outdoors. If only it wasn't raining!

The Forest Series 2 Stump Stools from DFC are just as fun, they look so good you could eat them!

If your budget is more modest you might like this little guy from Gladys Pash.

elephant of my eye

I am head over heels for this little guy from Jennifer Murphy....If only my pocket book was bulging instead of starving! These little guys are worth a pretty pennie-my husband would kill me if I ever spent so much on a cute little plush!


This is me. As cute as a bee!

I have nothing extraordinary to share...I only wish to capture all the things that give me a warm fuzy feeling.

We will see how it goes....