Like Magic

As many of you might recall
my blog has often been my personal diary
a safe haven to share my thoughts
with understanding friends.
I haven't opened up in quite some time
and for good reason
I am actually taking "happy pills"
I made the decision about 4 months ago
knowing that I needed to try something
before jumping into motherhood.
For as long as I can remember I've been
anxious, and overly emotional.
As excited as I was to become a foster mom
I was worried that I would get in my own way
by allowing my emotions and fears to run our household.
Honestly, I was tired of living in my shoes
I wanted the me that was happy, optimistic, and full of life
not the me that was depressed, anxious,
and to a royal pain in the butt!
I know "happy pills" aren't for everyone
but I swear they have changed my life!!
Oh sure, I still have my moments
but I'm no longer plagued by entire days
of wallowing in self pity and fear!

I hope if you are struggling
you will be brave, and try something new.
I thought that I could get better on my own
I wanted to believe I was bigger than my emotions
but those silly little pills have taught me
that somethings aren't our fault
and there is no shame in asking for help.
Nobody is perfect
We all have our issues...
but don't ever give up on yourself!
I wish there were "magic pills" to heal all our wounds
and fix all of our problems
but no matter what we have each other
and that is the only true MAGIC we need in life.

Have a lovely weekend friends!