A Very Vintage Friday

I've been adding new items to my ittybittybirdy shop over the last few weeks. Here are just a few of the of the adorable clothing items I've added. I've also added some really sweet nursery decor items. Today I went into a children's resale shop in town and was pretty surprised by how high the prices were. I try my best to keep my prices fair based on what I paid for them and the quality of the pieces. I really love collecting vintage children's items. There is something so sweet and charming about each item I find. Each item has a story and I can't help but day dream about the stories they might yet have. Special birthday parties, a picnic with the family, a day spent with grandma... I've always been the type of girl who remembers what I was wearing at special moments in my life. I was very clear to my husband that when he proposed to me I wanted to be wearing a dress. I didn't want to remember for the rest of my life that I was wearing sweat pants or didn't have my makeup on. The night Jim proposed he told me we were going to a company christmas party. I was grumpy with him on the phone that day when he said he was running a little behind. I hate being late. Well there really wasn't a party after-all... my husband had honored my wish and had made sure I was in a dress. A brand new Christmas dress. Long black dress with sequins around the neck. I smile every-time I see it in the closet. 

Next two are my personal favorites at the moment. 
It's hard sometimes not talking myself into keeping each and everyone of them. 

Have A lovely Friday~ oh my it's almost over... I better publish this post before it's too late :)

Changes for a New Year

Very excited to show you all my contribution to the Birds of Change exchange. There are a few available in my Keepsake Cakes shop ~ and you can see more pictures on my flickr.

It's perhaps a little late in the year to be talking about my new years resolutions but working on my birds started to get me thinking about it again. It seemed like the beginning of this year just flew right by. I was hardly prepared for Christmas let alone for New Years.

So here is what I've been thinking about~

I am proud of the changes I saw in myself last year. For the first time I started to indulge in finding my inner child. For so many years I felt lost and scared to venture into the unknown. I’m disappointed in a few paths I choose. At the time I was scared to take the path less traveled and for that my journey has been bumpy and will take much longer. However along the way I have learned so much about myself and made life long friendships. There is a price to every decision we make. I haven’t always made the right decision but I am proud of how I dealt with them and every journey has led me to find inner strength and countless treasures. In 2009 I hope to find the inner strength and courage to fallow my heart.

4 Main Goals~

Be more ME:
To stop trying to be who others want me to be. By nature I am a people pleaser. I will often sacrifice who I am or what I want to please the ones I love. The funny thing is that by not fallowing my heart I am hurting no one but myself.

Be more OPEN:
To be ready and willing to jump on board when something wonderfully ridiculous comes along. Be more social, charitable and more available to whatever life throws my way. In 2009 I want to get involved in my community and make a difference even in just one persons life. I would also like to be a bit more spontaneous, try new things and see new places.

Be more JOYFUL:
I have SO much to be joyful about but somehow I always seem to let the littlest of things get to me. I am going to fight those nasty feeling every step of the way this year. Being happy is a choice~ I’m going to write that on my bathroom mirror! Today I started by dressing up like a princess; Silly how your perspective on life can change just by the simplest of changes in your everyday routine.

This year I want to more proactive about where my life is going, even if it’s not going my way. To put more of myself out on the line and be willing to leap when the ground beneath my feet starts to crumble. Far better I fall short of my goals then to have never tried at all. Most importantly I am going to work on being more positive and more self-assured of myself. No more mental games of convincing myself that I’m not good enough or that I don’t have what it takes.

Last but not least-
I am going to start a rather interesting adventure this year.

For the remainder of 2009 I am going to dress up 90% of the time when I go out in public. I’m calling it PROJECT DRESSUP. The idea is that dressing up this last week made me perceive my chores, every day events, and myself in a whole other way. I felt more joyful, more energetic and overall more excited about life. I also saw a difference in how I interacted with people and how they viewed me. Conversations were started with wonderful people who I otherwise would never have spoken to. For others I put a smile to their face and perhaps a question or two in their minds. This got me to thinking, how could the way I dress change my life? So I am making it a personal research project to examine this idea of being dressed up. Now this doesn’t just mean wearing a dress, this is about dressing in a way that makes people take a second look at you. To dress like you’re going somewhere special all the time. I’m talking over the top outfits-Tastefully Chelsea Ann style of coarse. I will be taking pictures of my outfits and keeping track of daily experiences. I think this is going to be fun… and very interesting.


Did anyone see this yet?
ittybittybirdy is on the front page of Lollishops

Also I would like to say Happy New Years to my friend Jin in China! I hope you and your family have a wonderful year of the bull!

I hope we all find personal growth in 2009 
and that life leads us onto magical paths!

It's a Candy Colored World for ME!

Happy Friday Everyone!
I am in such a happy little mood today~ 
The sun is out, my house is clean and I have the whole day to craft! 
How lucky of a girl am I?
 Hope you all are having a magical day as well- 
if not pull those pink colored shades out of your drawers and purses 
and join in the sweet candy colored explosion of 
just being plain ol' happy go lucky!

A Very Busy New Year~

I'm afraid I have been neglecting 
many of my blogger friends as of late.
I have been so busy creating magic 
for the All Dolled Up Valentine's Party
 in honor of Lollishops grand opening. 
I've been diligently crafting and working on new ideas
 for my Keepsake Cakes Shop.
& I just opened a second shop~ ittybittybirdy
A shop full of sweet vintage treasures for your little ones.

Two of my favorite items are in the new shop~

This adorable Strawberry Shortcake dress

And just in time for Valentine's this most precious baby girl dress
 in bright cherry red with white polka dots!

Also I created a new blog just for keepsake cakes~
I really wanted to start a website but someone already took the url 
even though they aren't using it... 
and also the blog url was gone too! 
So I put a dash in between the Keepsake and the Cakes.  
But still no-one will find me through a google search
 unless the google-bots find me...
So I would really love it if you would visit my new blog 
and maybe even add it to your blog role~

Also, I am still trying to find a job! Blah!
Hope to visit you ALL soon!

~Chelsea Ann

"All Dolled Up" a spacial Valentine's event!

Hello Lolli Gals and friends of Lollis',
In honor of Lollishops
 Yours truly is hosting a special 
frou frou friendly Valentine's Day party,
and you are all invited! 

Here are all the sweet details,
(also available on the Lollishop blog)

Lolli Vendors: This is a virtual party. Your assignment is to take pictures of your Valentine Themed party using "All Dolled Up" as your inspiration. Either YOU can get all dolled up and have a party or you can stage a party using dolls and props.
At least one item listed in your shop *must* be used in your photos and here's why...(read Lolli Friends)

... venders please e-mail me at ittybittybirdy.kc@gmail.com if you want to RSVP and if you have any questions. 

Lolli Friends: You're invited to our Progressive Blog Party! Visit Chelsea Ann's Blog
http://ittybittybirdy.blogspot.com/ on February 14th and visit all the participating blogs for your chance to win some fabulous Door Prizes!
Each Blog Party will have an item from their LolliShop hidden in their Party Photos. You will find each vendor's item and comment "I found it" to win! If your comment is chosen, you will be asked to name the item you found to win your Door Prize.

Don't forget to visit the Official LolliShop blog for your chance to win a ginormous Gift basket filled with all sorts of fabulous creations!

Here's the details again:
What? A photo party hosted on blogs. Visit each blog to win Door Prizes from various LolliShop Vendors!
Where? Everywhere! Start here: http://ittybittybirdy.blogspot.com/
When? February 14th, 2009
Why? Because who doesn't love giveaways?
Who? Vendors and Friends!

Don't forget to visit our LolliShops.com photo pool to see all the photos from the event as well as vendor's inventory photos...
Click Here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/lollishops/

So make sure you don't miss this special chance to get "All Dolled Up! 

I have so many fun surprises in-store for you sweets!

~treats of all kinds~
served on my never before used china!

and oh, just think of all the new friends we will make!

I hope to see you "all dolled up" this Valentine's Day!

Please grab a button and the invite if you like 
and invite all your friends to join us! 
(you can also find them here)
Also if your a twitter bug like I am:
Please twitter about this frou frou event
 and I would just love if you would add me!

I promise there will be plenty of cake to go around!

& the Win Goes to...

Jake Weimer!

My little brother WON his heat and the main event last night in Anaheim, CA!
From butterflies and tears, watching Jake cross that finish line on live tv (speed)
was the most nerve wrecking and exciting experience!
We all screamed with joy!
What a way to start the year! 

Congratulations Jake!
You proved to yourself - You're a winner!

I also wanted to say Thank You to Warren Price for letting me purchase the rights to the this beautiful shot he took of Jake last year. And also for his loyal support for my little bro!
Warren is a professional photographer who is working to get a new stock image website off the ground. The site was super easy to use and I found many more hi-resolution images that would be fun to use on my blog. Check out Cutcaster to see how you can buy or license out your own images! 

Good Luck next weekend Jake -in Arizona- We will be watching!

Go Rooster!

At age 3 my brother learned to ride a bike without training wheels. By 4 he had graduated to his own pee wee motorcycle. Before he could have it he had to be able to pick it up on his own. Everyday Jake would go to the bike shop and would give it his all. He has been giving his all to the sport of motocross ever since. 

source of image unknown

My brother is a driven young man. A man any sister would be proud of. He is hard working, ambitious and extremely humble. Life hasn't always been easy for Jake, but he never gave up on his dreams. His childhood was filled with long days of practice and endless sacrifices.
Today my little brother is a professional motocross rider with a bright future! 

Image source: VitalMX

I wish you a successful and safe season! 
Make yourself Proud!
You already made me proud!!!

Love Always,