It's a Candy Colored World for ME!

Happy Friday Everyone!
I am in such a happy little mood today~ 
The sun is out, my house is clean and I have the whole day to craft! 
How lucky of a girl am I?
 Hope you all are having a magical day as well- 
if not pull those pink colored shades out of your drawers and purses 
and join in the sweet candy colored explosion of 
just being plain ol' happy go lucky!


Stink Bone Jones said...

How am I the first to comment on this ADORABLE flickr mosaic you have put together! I've been heading to all the little links, so cute!

I just love your style! Thanks for all of the cuteness!

Christy A. said...

Awwwww, eye candy overload!

Anonymous said...

Love your mosaic, as always :) Happy to hear that you are in a happy mood :) Have a lovely day :) xoxo

Kelly of Royal Pink Vintage said...

Happy days are the best, enjoy! Love the mosaic.

Sweetina said...

Ok this is the most scrumptious,sweet, adorable and pretty mosaic Ever!!!
I hope you had lots of fun crafting yesterday and i can't wait to see what sweet treats you made!
You have sooo inspired me to get started on my All Dolled Up project,Girl!

You are a ray of sunshine!!!

valerie said...

just the other day i was snooping through your flickr favorites and admired your collection. i'm too lazy to search through the millions and millions of photos myself, so whenever i need to see something pretty or crave inspiration, i know where to go! your mosaics are the best!

Jorgelina said...

Love your mosaic!!

chelsea said...

Your blog is like eye candy for me!!! Fresh and fun! I love it. :) I wish you all the best this new year with your little business!

Gina said...

The picture of the swing has been one of my favorites for a while! I would love to have that picture in poster side and put in a big chuncky antique white frame

creative breathing said...

Chelsea Ann, Thank you so much for sharing your fish story. You sound so like me! I have a funny similar story I will have to share. Happy week! E

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Hi Chelsea! Your infectious good mood just rubbed off on me. I am all smiley after reading this post. Love the pretty picture collage.

Good to read you are busy. Hope all is well. I had a chance to see all the cute baby dresses you have up in your etsy shop. So sweet.

hugs, Ellen

amber said...

totally cute blog! let's be friends :)