Our Perfect Little Miracle

Time has never been more precious and inescapable. 
Wouldn't it be remarkable if we could not just capture our
lives in pictures but in emotions?
If you could open a floodgate of memories and feelings
taking you back to a perfect moment in time.
Of coarse I'd probably leave out the exhaustion 
as caring for a colicky 1 month old 
and a busy 9 month old
leaves me with little to no energy for myself or home.  

We are both just in awe 
of the way our heart melts for this little person.
Annalea has given us a beautiful gift 
The gift of love
It's a love I never knew, and one I hope very much 
to share with others, 
especial our foster and future adopted children. 
My aunt told me this will be the most philosophical time in my life. 
If the written word was my gift I'd be writing poetry,
trying to capture the boundless joy inside myself
for our perfect little MIRACLE! 

Beautiful photography by Ali Smith Photography.
based in Nampa, ID