A Spoon Full of Sugar

Beware, this post contains high levels of sugary goodness

So this week was a roller-coaster of one crazy event after another. 
Friday afternoon I bursted into this crazy rage of laughing and crying uncontrollably simultaneously
It seems when it rains in my life it pours! 
Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting a good friend 
whom I have missed very much
This little visit brightened my spirits 
and I went home ready to wipe my hands clean of last week
But oh-no! I woke up Sunday terribly sick
as if my whole body was on strike.
I could not stand up straight
and every time I coughed pain radiates down to my toes.
Anywho~ Today is Monday and I have a busy week a head
so I must put on my happy face and my makeup too
and face another week and hopefully a batch of good weather
Figuratively! Although sun would be a great start :)
but oh goodness time to get back to the candy and sugar I promised. 

The winner to the Easter Bonnet Parade will be announced sometime today.
I'm crossing my fingers but either way it was super fun
Contest and exchanges are a great way to tap into your creative self and try something new
if it weren't for contest there would be no Lollipop Lane or Little Easter Chicks
and as promised here are two child size easter bonnets 
much like my original hat but a bit smaller in size and price :)

Also, just in time for spring is this Easter Egg Hunt Keepsake Teacake.

These sweet gift packs are part of my Baker's Dozen
Cottage Style Craft supplies.
Each pack is carefully coordinated by theme and color 
with 13 new and vintage crafting goodies. 

Here are the packs currently available in my shop

Make sure you stop by Wednesday for 2nd Vlog entree
I'll be showing you all a few of my favorite toys
and Friday I'll catch up with Project Dress Up

Have a  happy merry week everyone!

Easter Bonnet Contest and a day with my Pals

I just love easter, it may just be my favorite holiday
no, that can't be true 
But Easter is so sweet and pretty
I especially love to see how spring and easter 
inspire the such pretty new things
from sweet cookies and cakes
to little stuffed creatures 
and pretty colored eggs!

Last Friday my gal pals
came over for a little girls day fun

We played at the fountain
and when the sun peaked out from behind the clouds 
we snapped a few pictures

I so wish the sun would come out more often!
The constant grayness makes me tired and lazy

What do you think of my easter bonnet?

made with yards and yards of sweet ruffly goodness
atop a vintage straw hat that I purchased at a thrift store
 months before I ever knew I would be entering a Easter Bonnet Contest! 
I call that some kind of magic, for I'm always picking thing up here and there
and I then giving myself little lecture
"why did you buy that Chelsea Ann"
"What will you possible do with that!"
but lately I've been finding all sorts of nifty ways to use my oddities
and this makes me very happy indeed :)

Voting for the Easter Bonnet Contest begins tomorrow and ends at midnight on Sunday
Please, Please show you support and take a moment to vote!
There are so many lovely bonnets just in time for Easter

My bonnet (hat) is available in my shop
and hopefully very soon I will have a few more
I'm working on a batch of small child size hats inspired by my big one
that I think you will be perfect for little flower girls 
or perhaps special tea parties
but once again we have so little sun 
and I can not properly photograph them at present :(
But I must figure out some solution this weekend
and I will have a whole batch of easter goodies
 to add to the shop by next Monday at the latest!!

ooohh and look what I found!
Chelsea Ling, my best internet gal pal 
interviewed ME for her new blog
Paper* Cakes Finds a few weeks ago
and now there is this pretty button on the side of her blog
I feel so honored to be in such good company as

Happy Friday everyone!
May you all be inspired by SPRING!

My Life This Week

Hey everyone!
Thank you so much for all you sweet words you left for me on my last post
As much as I embrace my goofy silly nature
it was a real leap of faith 
that you would all accept and love me just as I am!
So onto this week
actually the picture above is from last week Project Dress Up Wk 10
This red dress is one of my personal favs
I adore wearing red and it's so comfy and even has polka dots
I'm also always cold and having to hide my outfits 
with sweaters so I just love that this dress has long sleeves :)

I think it was just last week that I promised 
I would take pictures of my estate finds?
Well here are a few
I found all three tins!
I've always wanted a start a tin collection
I think I will limit it to flowers only
I love the bright happy colors

This is the little spring vignette atop my dinning room shelf 
Do you see a new Teacake?
I will show more pictures on Friday
oh and reveal my bonnet for the easter bonnet contest
(you can find the link at the bottom left sidebar of my little blog)
The house is no longer with me
in-fact just yesterday it arrived in it's new home

Miss Sadie Lou Who and I did a little swap
well really it was a really big supper sweet swap
the best swap ever!
I've also been super busy working on a super duper
 large gingerbread house custom order
I'll share my progress on the project soon :)

Last but not least
I've been baking Cake Cookies like a mad woman!
For friends, family, and coworkers... and my hubby too
These yummy cookies are sooooo easy to make
and so super yummy and moist!
Just buy already made frosting and confetti cake mix
the directions are on the side of the box
:) mmmmmm!

MY 1st ever V-log! My Record Collection

This is perhaps the most excited and nervous 
I have ever been before I send a blog post out into the world
I know Mondays are for Project Dress Up
but I was too excited 
my first ever

I'm sure most of you know by now that I am a giant dork
but still I wonder if you are all truly prepared to see the "REAL ME"?
Well here it is
My first ever video made just for you!

I had NO idea what I was doing. 
So I pretty much just let the camera roll and just kept on talk'n
Wasn't quite as hard as I thought
I'm a natural born Chatty Cathy after-all
but geez is it strange to see myself in all my dorky glory
messing up lyrics, titles, and that crazy lip of mine going all elvis on me
It was actually a blast to make.
I'm not much for typing anyways
I figure this way I could show off my thrift store finds
and my works in progress
what do you think?

Bra Shopping... and bunnies

Ugg bra shopping always makes me grumpy.
I always put it off until the point 
that I'm wearing a bumpy black bra under everything I own. 
This time I decided on the cheaper route and shopped at Target.
Victoria Secrets never has anything in my size
well if I'm lucky I can choose from white, black or beige in one or two styles
Not having too much need for a bra 
is probably where this whole hatred for them began
As for VC - I ordered a pretty dress slip 
from their catalog a while back that my hubby liked
I cried when I put it on!
Nothing like looking like a rag doll 
or a little girl trying on mommas slip to make a girl feel "pretty"
Well I'm sure we all have body issues
and I know I am very blessed to have the figure I do
but ladies I just have to know 
am I the only one who would rather strangle themselves
 with an old bra strap than spending the day trying new ones on?

By the way the pretty bra up top is from Clare Bare.
Wouldn't work under many t-shirts but it sure is BEAutiful!

So any-who at Target today they have their 
new Easter advertisements hanging from the ceiling
and I am in LOVE!

I tried researching them on-line so I could show you all
but Target has let me down on this one! :(
After 20 minutes of searching these are the only two images I found

The images in the store are so whimsical. As soon as I saw them I thought of my favorite childhood movie Here Comes Peter Cottontail. Here is a video I found.
If anyone finds out more about Targets Ad campaign please let me know. 
It really inspired me and I would love to know more about the artist :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend
Jim and I also purchased some flowers for our yard today
I just about choked on the price for 7 perennials and a bag of fancy dirt
I'm not much for yard work as it it 
Luckily for me it was raining by the time we got home
but I guess that just means those silly flowers are going to be hanging over my head
but I better get back to cleaning my studio. 

Chelsea Ann

Something Blue

Something new, 
something old, 
something borrowed
 and something blue

I am sure I covered all the basis with this mosaic. 
Such pretty things and almost all of them can be found at Lollishops
So you know me 
No topic is started with some really spiffy reason
...well usually lol :)

So here it is
NEW items in my shop!
Perfect gifts for a frou frou bride to be!

Have a happy happy weekend!

Why I Love my Mail Lady

I've been supper busy as of late.
With a new job, custom orders, new project ideas for Keepsake Cakes, 
an endless list of chores and my commitments in blog land and so on and so on...
My little blog seems to be growing in popularity!
This is very exciting but I'm straining to say hello and thank you 
to each and everyone of you who share in my silly happy world.
Thank you new followers and all of you who take the time
to write a little note- 
they mean soooo much to me and I wish you all the best
I will try my darndest to visit you all when time becomes available.

So anywho~
todays post is about boxes, packages, and pretty things wrapped and tied with a bow!
Yupp I'm talking mail! 
and boy has my mail box been busy lately
with gifts, giveaways, and the occasional naughty purchase on my part.
sssshhhh don't tell my hubby!

The first box was a GIANT package full of endless treasures from my best pal Sadie Lou Who.
The goodies just kept on coming and I shrieked with excitement with each item I unwrapped.
I wish I had time to photograph them all but among them was the giant green gingham cake and a really special doll banner - a special hostess gift for the All Dolled Up party. 
You can find more of  Sadie's creations in her shop or check out her photo-stream
this gal has an amazing creative spirit! 
She is a true inspiration and such a dear dear friend!

I've also been receiving packages from Lollishop vender Artful Memories
I just love her supply shop!

I've always wanted to buy these sweet little mushrooms...
so when I started making my Little Fawn Teacake I just knew what was missing
and where to find them

I won a gift card to my pal Evelyn's shop!
I've had my eye on this piece for a long while... so I snatched it up.
Now I just have to decide if I am keeping it for myself or giving it to my sister who is studying equestrian something or other in school. 

I also received this sweet little aceo from Jennifer of Mouser Kins
jennifer is a supper talented artist and I guess this piece came about because I was encouraging her to do something for the All Dolled Up party.

Lastly I thought I would share something else that makes me very giddy and happy...
Lollishops new front page!
Every day the front page will have featured items much like etsy treasuries does

& I've already been featured twice!