new family member!

Santa(AKA my husband) suprised me yesterday with a very early Christmas present!!! It was love at first sight! OH Charlie(our Jack Russle) wasn't very happy at first, but tonight while I sit in class-my husband calls just to say they are playing together! YEAH! So the tree wont have any gifts under it for me but wouldn't you say it was worth it?!!

linens on my mind....

I spent almost all Saturday trying to find napkins for my diner party today. I found nothing! Eventually I settled on 8 basic red ones because they would match both my china and my everyday set. So when I got home I started my online are my favorite finds-

Mozi teatowels

Functionhome dishtowels
Kitchen & Tables...
Michelle Brusegaard These are my #1 pick♥

my wedding

Lately everyone has been sending me pictures they took at my someways I feel like I wasn't even there because so much of it I never saw. But now I think I have wedding fever....AGAIN! I can't stop thinking about just how perfect it was!

from Sarah Jane's studio

I came across Sarah Janes work today on Etsy.
Her work is so timeless....and she draws dancing ELEPHANTS♥~how delightfully wonderful!!!! You might also be interested in check out her blog to see many more of her beautiful illustrations!

My little Brother

I am so proud I could scream and cry all at the same time!
MY little brother just Won the US Open 2007 Main Event! HOLY STINK"N WOW!
0h, and the prize for such a glorious win-$55,000!

don't you wish you had my wheels?

Last Christmas I came downstairs to this beauty. The ultimate dream for any 22 year old! It was like I was 5 all over again. I was so excited I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My own PINK Hello Kitty Bike!♥

Now I just need to get my husband on some fly John Deere Wheels and we can cruz the town in style!

Halloween is coming to town.....

For the first time I can decorate the way I want to! I made these glittery pumpkins and letters last month when my mother-law was in town. This is a very inexpensive project-I bought all the pumpkins at second hand stores. However glitter can be a bit pricey! I can't wait to share my halloween costume pictures....I'm going to be a fairy-and my husband wants to be Joe dirt-GOOD GRIEF!☆

new crafts

I have been busy busy working on my crafts for this holiday season. Each year I start a new craft and take them to craft sales and such in the hope that I'm going to find that craft that I love to do and people love to buy. Last year I made this really cute elephant cards and no one baught them and I felt terrible. But they have been great to use through out the year so no big loss. I will post a few pictures of what I have left of the elephant cards later. Today I would like to show you just a couple of this years project. My friend helped me name my idea......"Chelsea's Childhood"-Picture Book art.....
Anyways let me know what you think of I said they are just a few....these things are all over my house.

I should note that some of these are part of a set....

my very own ribbon jars

I got inspired one day by a post at one of my very favorite blog spots-Happy Cavalier. The post was about Ribbon Jars that you can buy...I thought that they were just so wonderfully colorful. So I got busy making my own ribbon jars with all my ribbon I had hid away in a drawer.

let's talk cupcakes

I am pretty sure that if you look up the word cute in the dictionary there is going to be a picture of a cupcake right next to it.

I'm sad not to share a close up of my wedding camera crew totally blew that one. But let be tell you they were fabulous! We had different kinds and different sizes. Each cupcake was its own unique peice of art. And I made the stand myself so that all together it looked like one giant cake. I also was in charge of all of my I lived at Goodwill for months collecting all the treasures for a shabby chic bird themed wedding.

I got this cupcake cookie jar from my grandma. One day I realized it was no longer on top of her counter and I insisted on knowing where she put it. Thank god it was only in the grandmother has a way of throwing things out!

These little guys would be quite charming next to my cupcake jar. You can find them at Rose and Radish.

an Elephant and a Turtle and so many others are coming to my next tea party.....

So any one who knows me knows I'm a sucker for a cute's why I married my husband! But if you know me you will also know I L♥VE Elephants. I found Hillary Lang's blog Wee Wonderfuls today and just couldn't wait to share my favorite finds.

You should check out her site yourself to find which little creatures melts your heart!

light of my life....

I am CRAZY about the PXL pendant from the swedish company Zero......Oh! It would be just so perfect over my kitchen christmas wish list is going to be huge this year!

Almost Disney Magic!

How fun would this place have been! A purposed Disney project during the 70's......I guess a nuclear plan had some problems in Pennsylvania and Disney thought about expanding. "Oh Boy", as Mickey would say! But shucks! It didn't stick! But this colorful map is a sure treat- For those who love some good eye candy!
Maybe I would have spent my honeymoon here instead of Disney World- You can find out a bit more here.

High Style Toast

I am crazy about this purse ....and I'm really not one of those crazy purse kinda gals! My poor husband doesn't have a chance because this peice of toast and I are are going to become one! Glued to my hip; I shall pack my toaster to town! Yeah! for Christmas wish lists!