let's talk cupcakes

I am pretty sure that if you look up the word cute in the dictionary there is going to be a picture of a cupcake right next to it.

I'm sad not to share a close up of my wedding cupcakes....my camera crew totally blew that one. But let be tell you they were fabulous! We had different kinds and different sizes. Each cupcake was its own unique peice of art. And I made the stand myself so that all together it looked like one giant cake. I also was in charge of all of my decorations....so I lived at Goodwill for months collecting all the treasures for a shabby chic bird themed wedding.

I got this cupcake cookie jar from my grandma. One day I realized it was no longer on top of her counter and I insisted on knowing where she put it. Thank god it was only in the basement...my grandmother has a way of throwing things out!

These little guys would be quite charming next to my cupcake jar. You can find them at Rose and Radish.

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