My Last Show

I love doing shows
it's my little way of living out my dream of having my own
real life shop
but for whatever reason
craft shows are not the place for me to make sales
either the kids love my work and mom is like
"NO!" or mom loves it but the kids don't like the same item
or are distracted by everything else that is going on around them
thank goodness for the wonderful world of etsy!

So unless I become an overnight success story
and the mere mention of my name brings people running
to see my work in person
I think I will stay away from shows and what not.
this really is sad news because their is nothing like
witnessing someone really connect with your work
plus I think I had finally gotten a handle
on what I wanted for my display
but who knows what the future holds

I've been playing around with a bunch of new product ideas
trying to figure out how to use my original artwork
still not 100% satisfied with the necklaces
but I have some pretty dang cute kilt pins
that hopefully I'll be sharing with you all next week

I've had to be really creative when it comes to my displays
but I would have loved to have had some custom items
made by etsy shop owner

All in all I think it was a fun show to end on
while I really didn't make any cash per say
I had a lot of fun and met a lot of really nice people

And hey all is not lost
The show gave me tuns of motivation to try new things
and make lots and lots of new pretties
I've been taking pictures, editing, and listing for the last 3 days
and while its hard for me to believe
I now have over 90 items listed in my shop!

There are a few new headbands

Loads and loads of elastic headbands
sized from infant to adult

a few pretty little purses

and what I am most excited to introduce
kawaii Shoe clips!!!

I have to send out one big giant thank you
to my wonderful friend Karli
of a Retro Plants for sending me the cute little doll heads
that I am now using to display some of my work
some people might find them odd
but my kitschy loving friends will surely appreciate them
and hey when you really don't have any little girls in your life
you have to think a little outside the box.

A 4 Star Weekend

Memories are made
in simple little moment shared
this last weekend was exactly that
sweet little moments of time shared with my husband
for this trip was work-time for hubby and play for me
although I got a lot of work done too!!!

We stayed at the beautiful Davenport Hotel
in Spokane Washington
if you live close by I strongly encourage you to visit
this historic and timeless treasure located in the heart of Spokane
you don't have to be a guest of the hotel
to take a peak around

The Davenport Hotel, Spokane

There are a hand full of spaces I could share with you
but really their website documents it all so much better
I did however want to share this image of the
Marie Antoinette Ballroom
how romantic would a winter wedding be in this grand space!?

Jimmy and I also went for a little drive
up to see the mansions
and then to take some pictures at the White Elephant Surplus store
kind of a let down inside...
but oh you can't beat the parade of elephants
that go all the way around the building!

Playing around with textures and actions

Getting ready...

Okay so this year I guess is technically the 31st Hyde Park Street Fair
but no one ever makes a cool in between-number logo do they?
I've never been to this hip-fest as many have described it
but I'm excited to be part of the festivities this year
the last two fairs I participated were completely flops
and I wasn't sure I was going to have the energy to do another
but I think this fair is going to be a better match for me
and from the looks of it a whole lot of fun
sales or no sales

PopUp Fashion Show - Hyde Park Street Fair - 2009The path of motion
PopUp Fashion Show - Hyde Park Street Fair - 2009PopUp Fashion Show - Hyde Park Street Fair - 2009
PopUp Fashion Show - Hyde Park Street Fair - 2009Hyde Park Street Fair

Here are a few images I found on flicker
I think I'm going to have one good ol' time with my outfits
I might even have to be more over the top than usual
to really stand out!

So what am I doing to get ready?
Pretty much pulling out my hair
because as usual all my creative spirit
comes along right when I don't need it!
It's not like getting ready for a show is hard enough work as it is
but somehow every time I get busy
so does my little brain
and before you know it I have 5-6 new ideas
that just MUST come together before the show
hey not that I'm complaining...
what ever gets the creative juices flowing
I'll take! Who needs sleep anyhow?

It doesn't help that we are heading out of town tomorrow
My hubby has a business conference this weekend
and I'm tagging along
I'm calling it a second honeymoon
not that my husband will be around
but we are staying at one very top notch hotel
and I get to craft all day in piece in quite
and call on room service whenever I want
Do you think they will go fetch things like hot glue sticks?

I put together this little "tool" kit of all the supplies I will need
Jimbob actually purchased this tool/fishing box for me
gosh like 5 years ago
but I have a thing about cuteness... I really should be ashamed!
But I never naturally gravitate towards utilitarian ideas
"who cares if you need an oven mitt
use the kitchen towel -
the oven mitt was burnt and ugly so I threw it out!"
Yeah I think I've done that three times now! Uggg
why am I even sharing such things?
Anyways long story short
I LOVE that tool box! Why the heck didn't I use it before?
Love you hun! hehe ^^


Another month rolls by...
I've gone from hopeful to it would take a miracle
I still get upset but I honestly feel more numb
I want to be a mother so bad
but I am trying just as hard these days to move forward
to live my life in the present and focus on the here and now
I don't want to be always grasping towards the future
it's a terrible way to live life

Of coarse it's hard to keep the baby fever at bay
when I have such a dang adorable nephew
it might be easier if he was a difficult baby
but honestly...
I think he is the best baby ever born
truly this little cutie has one very lucky momma!!!
And I am one very lucky aunt!
But they are moving away for college
so this was my last visit until Christmas :(
Maybe Santa will bring me what I want most this Christmas
but if not at least I will have this little man to squeeze on!

Digi Kit elements from:
Kitschy Digitals, Minitoko, and my personal collection