The Moose Who Loved Easter

These days it's difficult enough just finding the necessary energy
 to clean the house and keep up with the laundry,
but I've been determined not to let my belly bump aches get in the way of 
doing just a bit of spring time decorating.
After all Easter is one of my favorite holidays.

Recently I've become a bit addicted to scrapbooking supplies
in anticipation of starting my baby book(s).
I'm just in love with these Spring/Easter stickers 
I picked up at Target and Hallmark.

I've been working on some major organizing of all my 
scrapbooking supplies, and I think I've come up with a pretty
great way to store all my Project Life sized papers and embellishments.
So please do check back soon for an upcoming post
if you too are looking into working with the smaller dimensions
in contract to the standard 12"x12".

28 Weeks and Counting

To say that pregnancy may have been more of an "adventure"
than I was prepared for would be an understatement.
Im now 28 weeks!
I started to have contractions at 23 weeks, 
so each and every day that we make it further down the road
is truly a blessing. On top of that in just the last few weeks
i've had the tummy flu, a cold (still do), a possible uti,
heartburn that keeps me up all hours of the night,
and have I mentioned that I still have morning sickness?!
My Dr. advises that if we want to have another baby
we should consider going through IVF again within 7 months of
this delivery. To that I say, "ARE YOU CRAZY?!"
I think it's safe to say that if I decide to go down this road again
I might as well be diagnosed clinically loony.
We are still praying that our foster baby boy
who is now 5 and a half months will be ours one day soon,
but we still are not sure which way the state will go with his case.
As you can imagine after so many months, we are quite bonded,
and the idea of him being taken away is more than I can bare to ponder.
I started out praying for a humble and understanding heart,
now I pray in earnest - "Lord, don't take my baby away from me!".
We are also pursuing an adoption of two siblings, ages 7 and 9.
It's pretty crazy to imagine that in just a few short months
our little family could go from zero to FOUR!
I always wanted 5 kiddos,
so as you can imagine this would be a dream come true.
I've certainly learned over the last few years of fostering
that kiddos don't have to be your own flesh and blood
for you to love and adore them as if they were always yours.
So while I'm ecstatic (although hopelessly miserable) 
that I've gotten the chance to have a little "us"
and the chance to experience pregnancy,
I don't think I'll be sad if this really does turn out 
to be our one and only bun in the oven.

I'm so so so beyond blessed that my husband is so supportive,
without him we wouldn't be able to carry on with 3 foster kiddos,
and I certainly would have gone mad.
Every-time I emerge from the girls room
he smiles and enthusiastically shouts
Lord love him, sometimes I want to slug him right then and there,
but he's right... thanks to science and lots and lots of prayers
I'm having a baby!

Do you hear me miss Annalea? Not yet!

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