The Moose Who Loved Easter

These days it's difficult enough just finding the necessary energy
 to clean the house and keep up with the laundry,
but I've been determined not to let my belly bump aches get in the way of 
doing just a bit of spring time decorating.
After all Easter is one of my favorite holidays.

Recently I've become a bit addicted to scrapbooking supplies
in anticipation of starting my baby book(s).
I'm just in love with these Spring/Easter stickers 
I picked up at Target and Hallmark.

I've been working on some major organizing of all my 
scrapbooking supplies, and I think I've come up with a pretty
great way to store all my Project Life sized papers and embellishments.
So please do check back soon for an upcoming post
if you too are looking into working with the smaller dimensions
in contract to the standard 12"x12".

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Elizabeth Andrus said...

Dear Chelsea Ann, Checking in to see if you have had your little one. Wishing all good things for you and your family. Always, Elizabeth