Show Girls

I was recently given the great privilege of making 3 piggy hair clips
for two adorable sisters who are involved in 4H.
I think it would be great if my own kiddos one day
participated in 4H and/or FFA. 
These organizations hold high standards 
for the personal development of our youth.
Giving them a strong sense of responsibility, self worth, 
and the skills needed to work on ones own and as a team. 
I don't know about you but I when I watch 
television shows such as Project Runway
I'm appalled at how completely self centered and 
ignorant the designers are when working on team projects.
I hope to teach my children to respect others
while holding fast to their own high standards.
Learning to communicate, compromise, and sometime be the bigger person
are at the utmost important for me to impress on my children.
plus bonus, bonus it's just one more excuse to doll up the kiddos.
Got to love Western wear!
So not only did I get to make their hair pretties but I also got to photograph 
these cuties in their darling show outfits. 
I honestly don't have a clue what I'm doing 
behind my camera but when you have such beautiful lil' models 
- how can you go wrong?
I've closed my shop. but I'm still very much in the business of making hair pretties.
I've simply prioritized my time to do what I love
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