Scrap Fabric Keepsake

There is no space in our home more special than our nursery.
It's truly been pieced together as a labor of love. 
So many DIY projects and fun vintage treasures.
but it's not quite done...
 I'm holding out hope that a package will arrive
that has been lost in the mail. 
So I thought today I would share with you one
of the projects that is very dear to my heart.

Inspired by the many many scrap fabric projects on Pinterest
I created a wreath using the receiving blankets that both my baby girl
and our foster baby boy came home from the hospital in.
It's not much of a stretch to say that these blankies 
aren't exactly worthy of a keepsake. 
But I think up-cycling them in this way
 is a perfect way to hold on to those precious memories. 
If you haven't made a scrap fabric wreath before I recommend this post from 

My sweet little pickle seems to love the space!

Hopefully my package WILL arrive - and SOON!
I can't wait to show this space off!!!

Momma's Lil' Model

EEEEK! Look who's modeling momma's work!!!
& with such sass too!

Annalea has certainly inspired my work. 
I've started adding flowers to my yo yo arrangements,
and boy do I love them. 

Now that I have my very own baby girl to dress up
It's tuff to let these go.
So these are all just examples.

You can contact me on my facebook fan page to 
commission your own one-of-a-kind yo yo pretty.

As always thank you for your love and support!