A Day To Remember!

We have all been invited to a very special party!

All week long I have day dreamed about what magic and fun was to come. I was bursting with ideas ... like what  would I wear, and what fantastical treats there would be?
Who would I meet, and what games might we play? Oh how I would love to dance around a Maypole in roller-skates, or play hide and seek. & NO I am not too old for such things!

Sad thing is... in my real life I am spending the day wheeling and dealing pennies to quarters at my first ever yard sale. So I can't quite wear feather boas and rhinestone earrings, can I?

But maybe this will do?

But if I could wear whatever I wanted, I would barrow this pretty pink dress!

oooh and this pretty crown! 
Made by the amazing Holly at Holly Doodle Designs.

I will be arriving in style of coarse...

oops, thats not right!

A Bit Better...

Ah, Perfection!

Why am I coming in an old '51 Chevy?
That's easy... how else would I deliver our sweet hostess her gift!?

For goodness sakes, elephants are very large things... you can't just walk them up Main!
Even if it would be a jolly good sight to see. OH NO! My husband just now informs me that an elephant wont fit in the chevy! Oh dear, now what will I do!?

Never Fear - I have a bigger yet smaller idea...
Oh yes, this is very good... I will wrap it up in some cute vintage paper.
Everyone will ooooh and aaaah at my bow making technique.
then I'll say,
"Make sure we don't open it now... it's better to wait!"

We all sit down to tea... 
laughing and singing... cherishing each sweet moment with our dearest of friends.
(The rest of days events are better told by the host herself)
Night has come... it's time to go.
 Oh NO! 
We almost forgot... first we must open the last present I brought. 
So carefully it is open... trying so hard not the mess up the bow. 
Then just for an instant the box seems to move. Our hostess peaks in side, but nothing does she see. Its gone already... oh goodness, look around quickly!

Do you see it?

Look closely!

There they are. Sweet blue fairies!
Just the perfect touch of magic to end the day...

Goodbye Everybody!
I shall see you tomorrow. Perhaps with a bit less silliness but just as much fun.

P.S. I couldn't have told my side of the story without all the wonderful people on Flickr
Thanks everyone!

It's Friday Again!

"The key to immorality
is first living a life worth remembering."
                                                                                                         -Bruce Lee

6 Unimportant Things... About Me!

I've been tagged by Rachael

1. I dream about being the perfect house wife but hate to clean!
2. I HATE to drive!
3. I love children's stuff, especially vintage!
4. I don't drink tea or coffee - Yuck!
5. I have a really bad sweet tooth - BAD!
6. Carnations are my favorite flowers...

Collage made with flickr images! I have such an issue with getting my photoshop images the right size on blogger. If anybody has any tip about pixel size and resolution... I would love the help. Otherwise... click on the collage to see it bigger!

Meet Ginger & Jill!

I am so so so excite to introduce to you all Ginger and Jill. These two sweet kokeshi dolls are my first prototypes for my upcoming Etsy shop. This project is very personal to me... my grandmother is Japanese, and we have a collection of her Kokeshi dolls at my parents home. I fell in love with them instantly... and one day it just came to me... this is it... this is what I want to make! I really hope you will all like them. I would love any advice and or encouragement. Also if anyone has any ideas or photographs for inspiration, I would love for your to share them with me. My mission is to complete 25 within the next month or two. 

Many more Kokeshi dolls are also having their big reveal tomorrow (6/25) for a 5 day Kokeshi gallery hosted by Red Yarn. Check it out!

If you would like to see larger images you can check them out on my flickr site.

Monday IIII - Our 1st Anniversary

Last year today, was the happiest day of my life. Everything was perfect... as I have shared with you the last three weeks. Yesterday I moved my wedding dress from our guest room down to the basement. I'm such a dork to be sharing this - but it made me cry. Not like full out ball, but I was deficiently sad. I wouldn't even be able too fit into my dress today... I've gained so much weight (which is actually a good thing). Plus it was too small for me the day of the wedding. But really, I know my feeling are just silly, but us girls can't help our little fits.

I Love You! With Sprinkles On Top!
Thank you for an amazing year... 
you are my dearest and most treasured friend!

Problems @ Home!

My little garbage monster is growing up to be a very large garbage monster. How will we survive!


“Success is not the key to happiness. 
Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing, 
you will be successful.”
                        -Herman Cain

Beautiful photograph from flickr member SS@. Hope she doesn't mind me sharing it with you all. It's one my personal flickr favorites! Have a lovely Friday everyone!

Project - Etsy Shop

A couple posts back I talked about wanting more time to craft and maybe even start my own business. I may be crazy but I'm diving in... I'm taking a great big breath and jumping into the deep end. I don't want to say to much quite yet, not until my prototypes are completely finished... but her is a little sneak peak. I hope you all will love what I'm working on!

So Bloody Cute

Oh sometimes the UK people have all the best spoils. It seems like everything in America is imported, yet somehow we never seem to get any of the really cute stuff? I'm just being dramatic... I'm sure somewhere out there, someone is selling Shinzi Katoh on the American front. But until I get to that research project, enjoy some lovely picks from our European friends.

I Found Some White

Here are few frames I shot early this morning. Sun is gone in Portland again so the morning is my best chance for some decent pictures. I should mention that in a house full of color it is very difficult to separate out the white! Check out the flickr group for more of this weeks Shades of Inspiration.

2 Mushrooms

Today 2 very special new things came to my home. 
1 is a lamp I ordered from work a couple of months ago
 from one of our venders - Arteriors. 
2 is even more special because its the sweetest little mushroom a girl could ever know.

Eva at  Effunia made this little darling 
and this is what she said about her:
"Lisa's favorite season is summer, because she loves to sell lemonade when it's really hot outside. She's a very happy mushroom and her life's motto truly is "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade." A true optimist. With some of her savings, she plans on buying herself a pet snail :)"

Oh how could you resist that! I just knew the instant I saw her that I had to adopt her and raise her in my home. This weekend Lisa and I plan to go pick out her own pet snail. & oh did I mention that Lisa brought a friend. Seems she just couldn't face the trip alone, so a super cute little lemon came along. 

Thanks Eva, I am so pleased to have one of your amazing creations! Your creations are so well made and have such wonderful personalities. I look forward to seeing and maybe owning more of your beautiful works of love!

Cutest wrapping... with the personalized shrink a dink! 
(is that what thats called? I forget I haven't seen anything like this sense I was a little girl)

Monday III -The Candid Moments

Its funny how the digital world has totally changed our way taking pictures.

Instead of not enough photos - there's too many!

We capture events so quickly it's almost like watching a movie 
(when you click through them quickly)

*Just a few of my favorite candid shots*

Home-Made Goodies

Found this fun website today of home-made goodies. 
What a treasure-trove.