Cute As A Button

In the spirit of yesterdays post about Ashlee... I thought it would be fun to show you some pictures of myself and Ashlee in Lolita Fashion. Ashlee dresses this way everyday of the week! Her closet is to die for... so cute, frilly, and pink. Last Summer Ashlee invited me over to play dress up. We had so much fun that day! I don't think the fashion suites me very well. I look like a giant baby doll! I also don't have quite the right personality. I like to mismatch the fashion with my own vintage pieces... turns out thats against the rules. Oh well, I still think my beaver hat was the perfect accessory for the red dress. In the end it was a wonderful day and I can't wait to do it again!!!

... but I still feel best in my own colorful and whimsical ensembles.


Gail :) said...

I didn't realize there were rules? And even if there are, aren't they meant to be broken :)

Crystal said...

no way! Those outfits are adorable!