A Giveaway & Some New kind of Pretties

If you're a fan of YoYo Pretties
you may be interested in a little giveaway 
One lucky little girl will receive a custom made YoYo hair pretty!
Winner will be announced Dec. 1st.
After 5 years of making YoYo's I'm starting to experiment
with new materials. 
Lately I've been really inspired to create pretty things 
out of old worn out materials.
These are my first creations made from a pile of Jeans
that have been sitting in my closet collecting dust 
and taking up valuable space.
These were Jeans with paint/stains, ragged hems, ripped knees, 
and missing buttons - so pretty much unwearable or worthy of donating.
I'd started cutting them up for a friend to use for making levi quilts,
and that's when I realized that I didn't need to throw out the seams.
Along with the bold stitching I especially love the look of the frayed edges.
I've got handfuls of scraps left and a noggin full of ideas yet to explore.

What about you, do you like to upcycle?
What unusual materials have you played around with lately?

6 Months

Oh my goodness,
my sweet little pickle is 6 months old today.
Where does the time go?

My sweet Annalea is such a silly little thing.
She loves her daddy best 
- or at least that's what we let him think.
She likes playing with her toes, nibbling her tiny tasty fingers 
and sharing them too. 
She likes to get into screaming battles
 with daddy on facetime,
and thinks carrots are the best new treat yet.
Sometimes a little bashful, but mostly smiley 
and happy to be held by friends and family. 

All digi goodies from my Springtime collection
available at my Kitschy Digitals Shop.