I'm a big kid now!

Meet my new friends
the potty tots!

Potty training has never been so fun!
& believe me before Potty Tots we were NOT having fun.
I contacted Jill, founder of Potty Tots this summer
after stumbling upon her website.
I was really excited about everything I read
but still wasn't quite sure if Potty Tots would work for us.
The program was so cute and clever
but because the little gal we were having issues with was 6 years old
I wasn't sure the materials would keep her attention.
Jill was so great, she answered all my questions,
and was so understanding and sympathetic of what our family was dealing with.
Foster children especially struggle with potty training 
and while I was very aware of this 
I wasn't exactly prepared for a school aged child.
But potty tots gave us the ability to start fresh
and to make something that had become increasingly emotional
fun for our entire family. 

The kit includes a range of materials
to excite and engage your child.
We currently have 3 little girls in our home
and all three love the video.
Instead of rewarding our kiddos with treats
they get to watch the Potty Tots music videos as their reward. 
It's so cute to watch them dance and sing 
about going potty. 
And I have to admit I'm constantly humming
"I can do it all by myself, but sometimes I need a little help"

If you have been struggling with potty training
or are just getting started I highly recommend 
you look into Potty Tots!
The packaging is great too and the kit would make a perfect gift.

Learn more about Potty Tots by visiting their website
or watching this video.

Headbands for Little Heads

When I was a little girl my mom would purchase my siblings and I 
matching outfits at a local shop 
 I believed called Mini world 

What I loved most was how my dress was a just a tad different 
from my little sisters.
Made me feel like such a big girl.

With all the unique styles of yoyo creations I have available
your little girls can each sport the style that best suites their age and personality
while keeping the look cohesive for special photo shoots.  

Or just order one 
& let them share! 

Simple headbands are great for little girls,
they are far less heavy than my traditional style
helping them to stay up on their little heads.
But some little girls just can't keep them on
perhaps it's that they are just too bouncy
or for whatever reason the shape of their little head just doesn't cooperate 
frustrating - but not the end of the word!
As shown above - "bigger" little girls can wear the baby girl headband as well
My shop indicates that baby girl headbands fit newborn up to age 4.
But they should have some stretch to get you much further than that!

A BIG thank you to my lovely customer Cecilia 
and her father -n-law Tom
for sharing these beautiful images with me!

If you're in the Bismark-Mandan area of North Dakota


As you can all see I've changed my blog to the new
blogger dynamic view... very cool!
Can't wait until they allow us to customize it...
just doesn't quite seem right
to have no header and no logo,
a bit like having no identity at all. 

In the same way that my blog has no identity without my personal branding,
my little shop has no magic without the generosity of photographers
and proud mommas' who share their beautiful images with me. 
Without these sweet little faces showcasing my headbands and clips
my work would never really resonate with customers.
Receiving these images inspire me to keep exploring 
new themes, color combinations, and product ideas.

Today I would like to thanks Brooke and her adorable 
little pumpkin Lily 
for sharing these darling portraits with me!
And for inspiring me to scrapbook again...
It's fun to see both of our pages side by side.
Oh, how I wish at times
 I had the patience for traditional scrapbooking -
but something about cutting straight lines and
 keeping glue in it's proper place 
makes me queazy.
I guess to each their own - right?! 

Lily's adorable handmade outfit is from 

Digi page elements from:
Minitoko, A Print A Day, Kitschy Digitals, Tada,
Creatively By Crystal, and Gunhild Store