As you can all see I've changed my blog to the new
blogger dynamic view... very cool!
Can't wait until they allow us to customize it...
just doesn't quite seem right
to have no header and no logo,
a bit like having no identity at all. 

In the same way that my blog has no identity without my personal branding,
my little shop has no magic without the generosity of photographers
and proud mommas' who share their beautiful images with me. 
Without these sweet little faces showcasing my headbands and clips
my work would never really resonate with customers.
Receiving these images inspire me to keep exploring 
new themes, color combinations, and product ideas.

Today I would like to thanks Brooke and her adorable 
little pumpkin Lily 
for sharing these darling portraits with me!
And for inspiring me to scrapbook again...
It's fun to see both of our pages side by side.
Oh, how I wish at times
 I had the patience for traditional scrapbooking -
but something about cutting straight lines and
 keeping glue in it's proper place 
makes me queazy.
I guess to each their own - right?! 

Lily's adorable handmade outfit is from 

Digi page elements from:
Minitoko, A Print A Day, Kitschy Digitals, Tada,
Creatively By Crystal, and Gunhild Store

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