Snow Bunny

I've been a bit MIA from blogland recently,
and much of that is due to the pregnancy.
I have to laugh at my own ignorance, 
I just assumed that I would adore pregnancy
and that I would just be the happiest girl on the block
after waiting 4 years to become pregnant.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm beyond excited to be starting a family,
but pregnancy is not at all what I expected it to be.
First off I've been sick everyday, all through the day
pretty much from 6 weeks on.
I started to get a bit better at 14 weeks, 
but am still tossing my cookies pretty much on a daily basis. 
Recently I switched my anti-depressant medication
to cope with daily life and to manage my panic attacks.
I've also had to drastically change my daily activity level
to manage pain associated with adhesions 
from my surgery last spring for endometriosis.
I wasn't aware that I would have these issues related to the surgery
and so the first time I had major tearing we made a trip to the emergency room.
It didn't help my emotional state at the time 
that I've been spotting throughout the pregnancy.
But throughout it all I've had an incredible support group,
many of whom are dear friends from blogland
offering love, support, and advise.

So while I'm not as productive as I would like to be,
I'm still trying my best to keep up on my digi kits.

This month I released Snow Bunny
a sweet pastel winter-wonderland of kawaii bunny rabbits, pretty papers,
and ready to print gift tags.

I have to thank my dear friend Danielle Thompson for putting together
these beautiful preview images to showcase the print quality of the kit

I'd also like to humbly pass along that a group of designers from Kitschy Digitals
will be donating all our proceeds from this weeks sales to benefit the community
of Newtown, Conn. 
For more information and a list of participating designers