Christmas Sale!

One of the things I really look forward to is family pictures.
Getting to coordinate outfits and accessories 
to pull together the picture perfect photo shoot - SWOON!
For now I'll just have to live out my dreams through
my friends and customers
who are constantly challenging me to put together headbands and clips
to bring their vision to life. 


So today I'd like to thank my dear friend Ashley
for her many custom orders
and for sharing her beautiful little family -
photographed by Alison Phelps

Ashley is a girl after my own heart
wearing one of my yoyo hair clips,
and her baby girl wearing a custom made
baby girl headband inspired by a traditional headband
 I had in my shop at the time.

And right now you can snag a great deal on all pre-made
Christmas headbands and clips currently in my shop. 
Get 25% off - good until Christmas day!

And for those not so familiar with my work
I put together this little catalogue to showcase my work,
and what makes each yoyo creation unique and just the right fit
from baby girls all the way to us big girls. 

So before it's too late
jump on over to my shop and take a peak at 

Sketchbook Sneak Peak

I'm currently participating in this years Sketchbook Project
which is challenging me in more ways than I ever imagined.
If indeed I finish my book on time, it will be the first sketchbook
I have EVER finished in my life. 

But as with all my sketchbooks... there comes trouble.
Typically it's brought on solely by myself,
ripping pages, and scribbling through my own drawings when not pleased
(and sadly I must report I ripped out 2 pages my first day)
but I've actually been very pleased with my work and efforts 
so it's very disheartening when its founds its way into a little person's hands
and that little person decides they want to include a few drawings of there own.
I also accidentally layed it on my husbands shoe polish cloth! UGGG!

But I keep on keeping on!
The theme I chose was 
"Encyclopedia of"
and I decided to do crazy hair styles
from A to Z

I'm currently at M,
however all but this one is actually complete.
So with the deadline looming in just a month and a half,
I still have a lot of work ahead of me...
and for my sketchbook that probably means more torture to come. 

My hope is to turn some of the drawings into finished artwork
 sometime next year.
Although I still don't know quite how to do that.
I really would LOVE to take some illustrating classes...
but I'm not sure what I would even look for.
there is so much I have zero knowledge of
and it makes me sad and frustrated because I would love
to bring my drawings to life with color.
well perhaps my new years resolution should be something like

learn at least 3 new techniques 
for coloring my pencil drawings

yes that sounds good, now any suggestions?