Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

We are what we eat!
for me that must mean I am oober sweet
because sweets are just about all I eat
gasp! I know! It's sadly no joke!
I have an eating disorder
I'm not anorexic or anything like that
in fact I love me body
and why shouldn't I
but still I don't eat

I've never talked about this on my blog before
I guess it's half embarrassment half denial
it's not easy admitting you have a problem
especially to yourself
my issue is that I don't craze food
I assume most of you are rolling your eyes
and saying you wish you had that problem
but I'm not healthy... and I'm not happy
I'm not happy when woman compare themselves to me
I want to shake them and tell them that they are beautiful
and that I'm not normal and I'm not healthy
Please do not wish to be me!
It's not all days... but most days I have to force myself to eat
I have to make a conscience decision to open the fridge
what is worse is that when I do eat I eat JUNK
Oreo's to be specific
I also have major jaw issues
at times I have had so much jaw pain on month at end
that I would just start crying in the middle of everyday events
luckily I found acupuncture - OM Thank you G :)
but I think because of the years of struggling through the pain
I developed this distaste for eating
it hurt - and just wasn't worth it
I still have to be careful about what I eat
but I've got to develop healthy eating habits
My grandfather is trying to help
I'm suppose to write down everything I eat
and try - No - I must eat three solid meals a day
I'm not doing very well :(
Breakfast is the hardest, my Oreo cravings are the strongest then
plus eggs are not much of my friend
I'm also lifting weights every other day
and well I've not been to consistent with that either

ok just writing all this down has drained me
I'm curious how you have worked through bad, unhealthy habits,
addictions, or any other such thing that took lot of will power
because right now I'm needing to change my attitude
and it's not easy!!!

~ Chelsea Ann


I've always wanted to own by own boutique
growing up in a small town I couldn't have really understood the term
but the vision was always clear in my head
when I step into a small shop I instantly feel at home.
Sometimes I loose myself in a dream
when an abandon shop-front sits lonely across the street from me
of coarse in this economic blah blah blah that we find ourselves in
my dream seems lost and well quite frank - silly

Image from Flickr member zozma*

I don't know what's in-store for my future
but right now I am unemployed, broke as a joke
and actually quite happy
but life demands money does it not
oh good grief does it!
Moving to the middle of nowhere has made finding a job
TERRIFYING and well in my mind hopeless
I think it is all rather more in my head
plus the idea of working for minimum wage makes me want to die inside
not that I feel I am too good for it
but honestly I don't much care for "working" in general
and I have a college degree for goodness sakes
well anywho
I have a short period of time to prove to myself and my hubby
that I can make a few extra $$$ without leaving the house

I know it's crazy
but honestly if you lived out here
you might never want to leave either :)
plus not leaving the house means not spending $$$
ha except gosh dang electricity bills are not pleasant on the eyes
I've got to cut down on my showers and such
lol and my darling vintage fridge my hubby got me
was probably not the smartest move
for both the green movement or the green in our wallets

So what is my plan?
Sell, Sale, Sell, Sale
I never can tell which spelling is correct
have I told you before I have major issues with the english language
well that is a topic for an entirely different post

For the next few months I can not be gloomy
I can not NOT not doubt myself
I can do this! I can! I CAN!

My shop has always been more of a hobby
but now it's my lively hood!
So look out world - my little blogging world -
this gal might just start sounding like a used car salesman

So you know how my shop sidebar button
has the

Well I'm finally dragging out all the items
I was always intending to list
like this sweet retro baby mobile
so there you have it - Thrift Shop!

I hope you all wont mind me sharing
what I'm posting in my shop from time to time
No pressure sales or anything
it's just that I'm passionate about what I put in my shop
from the vintage finds to my homemade sweets
plus for now on it's what I'll be spending the majority of my time doing
I'm sure to have arthritis one day from all the fabric yoyos

just a few of the headbands I listed yesterday :)

Hope you are having a great week!
Any fun plans for this weekend?
I'm quite anxious about this weekend
you see my little brother is fast on his way to winning
Two more races to go -
one this weekend
and the last in Salt Lake City - May 1st
Jim and I are going to see him there
I'll be sure to post about it more soon!
I have knots in my stomach just thinking about it
I can't even imagine the pressure and excitement
he must be going through!

HUGS!!! ~ Chelsea Ann

Little Buckaroo Baby Shower

It's just my luck that the post office comes out with cowboy stamps
just a few weeks after I post the invites to my little sisters
cowboy themed baby shower

I LOVE planning parties
especially coming up with unique personal touches on a budget
yeah- something about being strapped for cash really inspires me
The invites turned out super cute and unique and were really cheap!
I used a bandana Martha Stewart 6 x 6 paper pad
from Walmart - 36 for just $6
I folded them in half and then glued my custom invite in the inside
no need for envelops!!
just close with a round clear sticker and attach address on a white mailing label

The cowboy birds I scanned in from a card
Diane of Saturday Finds was so kind to send me
and the background is from a digi kit from A Print A Day
I can't find it in her shop... she may have discontinued it?

It's hard to decorate a giant space
wallpapered and covered in every other material
entirely in maroon and forest green
but I did my best :)
You got to love after holiday sales
easter grass, buckets, and pinwheels
all at 50% off!

It was a really special day
Jordy was just glowing
she's gone a long way from calling the baby "it"
to calling me to discuss baby powder, brands of diaper, the the nursery

One thing I would like to help her get is a vinyl decal for the nursery
I like these choices from etsy venders
(click on images for sources)

I'm so excited to meet my nephew!
Jordy is going to be a great momma
and while I can't stop being jealous
I'm excited to be an aunt
and hopefully my own blessing will come along
and we can raise our children together
I never had cousins my own age
I think that would be rather special
for both the kids and for us sisters
but as I have shared before pregnancy doesn't seem to be in the books for me
at-least right now - Jim and I are looking into becoming foster parents
I'm nervous, anxious and excited about the idea
I know it will be hard... but I know it will have rewards
for Jim and I and for the children we welcome into our home

The First Chapter

In a manner of 10 days
my little world was turned upside down
from life in the "big" city of Portland, Oregon to life on 30 acres
we moved from Portland to 45 minutes outside of Boise, Idaho

These pictures were taken Easter Day
on our own property that we are currently renting
it's so beautiful out here
and just as I remember Idaho as a child
rain, or snow the sun always comes out and shows it's happy face
and my depression has not been an issue in the least
perhaps its simply because of all the excitement
but I really HATED the rain!

My hubby and I agree that we never belonged in the city
living out here has its cons
such as the commute, slow internet,
and missing my friends and my mom and dad
but there is such a peace in my heart
and with my husband so often on the road
I feel so much safer out here
watching birds and critters from my window
and all the sounds and smells of country life
the earth changing with the seasons
and small town friendly folks.
all these things make me feel so much more alive
than I ever felt living in the city
I'm not a poetic person
I don't have the words to express myself fully
but I do believe that we all have a place
somewhere we all belong
and for many of us we don't get the chance to call those places our home
I feel so blessed that we were able to make this move
I think it will be a place that both myself and my husband
will be very happy here :)

Jim and I have not had a picture taken together in quiet a long time
I have to thank my dad for giving me a tripod for my camera :)

but then suddenly my camera - my new camera
stopped working!!!!!
so I can no longer share what i've been up to
but no worries...
hubby has taken the camera into the camera gods/doctor

I forgot to mention how much the puppies are loving the move
and who can blame them
life in the rainy city with not much of a yard, no grass, and lazy me
oh and I have a white picket fence!
I know this place is my own personal piece of heaven :)

Marianne is loving it here to
and she had an extra special first Easter
she got a sweet little bunny
who she named Flopsy
and a new easter dress

it was a rather perfect day!!!

Easter Fashion For The Whole Family

(click on image for source)

You gals are just the best blogg'n gal pals!
Your comments on my last post
were so sweet!
I love to hear about your lives...
sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in my own
but what I really love about blogging
is the interaction between friends
I'm looking forward to Easter dinner,
the day after sale on Easter goodies
and dressing up - of coarse :)
The little bunny basket goes to
one more design challenge to go
for the Lollishops Spring Design Team
so don't fret if you didn't win this time
sorry I'm at a bit of a loss of what to say today
I'm off to make my honey bunny a peanut butter pie