Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

We are what we eat!
for me that must mean I am oober sweet
because sweets are just about all I eat
gasp! I know! It's sadly no joke!
I have an eating disorder
I'm not anorexic or anything like that
in fact I love me body
and why shouldn't I
but still I don't eat

I've never talked about this on my blog before
I guess it's half embarrassment half denial
it's not easy admitting you have a problem
especially to yourself
my issue is that I don't craze food
I assume most of you are rolling your eyes
and saying you wish you had that problem
but I'm not healthy... and I'm not happy
I'm not happy when woman compare themselves to me
I want to shake them and tell them that they are beautiful
and that I'm not normal and I'm not healthy
Please do not wish to be me!
It's not all days... but most days I have to force myself to eat
I have to make a conscience decision to open the fridge
what is worse is that when I do eat I eat JUNK
Oreo's to be specific
I also have major jaw issues
at times I have had so much jaw pain on month at end
that I would just start crying in the middle of everyday events
luckily I found acupuncture - OM Thank you G :)
but I think because of the years of struggling through the pain
I developed this distaste for eating
it hurt - and just wasn't worth it
I still have to be careful about what I eat
but I've got to develop healthy eating habits
My grandfather is trying to help
I'm suppose to write down everything I eat
and try - No - I must eat three solid meals a day
I'm not doing very well :(
Breakfast is the hardest, my Oreo cravings are the strongest then
plus eggs are not much of my friend
I'm also lifting weights every other day
and well I've not been to consistent with that either

ok just writing all this down has drained me
I'm curious how you have worked through bad, unhealthy habits,
addictions, or any other such thing that took lot of will power
because right now I'm needing to change my attitude
and it's not easy!!!

~ Chelsea Ann


Creative Breathing said...
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Mica said...

I too have a major sweet eating disorder. Your still young..but must say be careful the older you get the harder it is to stop and or get it off. I still love my sweets way to much but am trying to eat better. Hang in there. Hope you get the chance to eat In-N-Out soon...yum and no I have never had the 5 guys? I don't think they have it here in Cali!!! Love your sweet blog Chelsea! So glad to meet ya..Mica/The Child's Paper AKA Garb-oodles

♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

Hey Chelsea Ann,

I'm trying to eat more fruit and vegetables, we don't like cooking and order in way too much! The stupid thing is that i'm not really motivated yet to change something about it though i know i should have a healthy diet because of my irritable bowel syndrome!
I know it's not easy, but you should think of something that might happen when your body is completely healthy and ready for a certain thing... ;)
Good luck <3

Mrs Robinson said...

I so agree with Liefgeval... if you think of it for you children, rather than for you it will make it so much easier! You want to have the healthiest body possible in order to carry the healthiest baby! That's what I am doing now that my naturopath is wanting me to eat meat... yuck! :)

Brian Burke said...

I also have a sweet tooth so I keep cereal on hand, it's quick and easy and relatively healthy (if you get the right kind). Yogurt has also been a quick, healthy snack, amazing what they make with that now.

In my first marriage I made the mistake of not understanding what dinner together was about. More than eating, cooking together is a lot of fun and a time to talk. Dinner out is an event treated the same way now. We don't eat meat anymore and cooking is a whiz -- nothing to burn! The "Morning Star" packets are great, they even have a good fake BBQ. Mac and cheese with the fake hamburger tastes like Beef Stroganoff and is a snap to make.

Erin said...

You have an adorable blog! Love it. I've been trying really hard to eat very healthy for the last four months. Change is hard but it's so good for you in the long run.

Secondhandrose said...

I just found your blog. What a sweet gentle soul you have. I will come back later and look at your shops as I don't shop on Sundays. Your blog is pretty and happy looking. I am sorry you are dealing with this eating problem. All of us probably could be healthier in some way . Not to diminish your problem, just to let you know you are not alone.