The Joy of Easter

I hope everyone of you had a wonderful easter!
This has been an extra special holiday for us
as we had two adorable kiddos to celebrate with.
We have been foster parents now
for just over a month.
We currently have two adorable little girls living with us.
I won't deny that it hasn't been hard
but overall it's been overwhelmingly fulfilling
and has brought so much joy
and NOISE into our home.

If you know anything about the foster care system
you know that you certainly don't do it for the money!
LOL it doesn't help that we tend to like to spoil "our" kids.
My hubby purchased the girls matching easter dresses
which sadly but not surprisingly have already been ruined!
Does anyone know if Polyester can be dyed?
anywho I purchased these diy paper box kits
They turned out super cute
and were a lot easier to make than I imagined
LOL but of coarse one has already made its way to the trash.
DANG, are kids hard on things or what?

The girls dyed easter eggs
last weekend
and all week long we all enjoyed yummy gooey
egg sandwiches.

Speaking of eggs
we have 6 little black bird eggs
waiting to hatch in my husbands barbeque.
As you can imagine my husband is not very pleased
and my dogs are quite entertained
at barking at the poor mother bird.

Digi goodies from ME!
One of many new kits I'm working on
and hoping to have available this summer :D

Oh Baby!

I think of myself as a pretty creative soul
but it's always my customers and friends
who inspire me to try new things

Recently I was contacted by Photographer
asking if I could make some headbands for
her adorable baby girl.
I had never really gone down the road of baby gear
simply because I didn't have the most important prop
Not that I didn't try convincing my little sister
to let me barrow my adorable nephew.
yeah - as you can imagine,
she wasn't too keen on the idea.
So one thing leads to another
as things often do
and Bethany and I worked out a deal -
headbands for photography!
But without a doubt the best thing I got out of this deal
was a brand new friend!
Bethany is amazing
and her enthusiasm for my work
and support in my new life as a foster momma
has been such a blessing.

Thank You Bethany
You are an angel - and uber wonderful to boot!

So if you have a little one of your own
or a baby shower or two coming up real soon
please do take a peak at my newest creations.
Custom orders always welcome!

Digi Giveaway!

A few weeks ago I mentioned how much I am in
LOVE with all things Lemon Tree Studio
well I am very excited to announce
and share with all of you
that Shelly has graciously
offered one of my readers
3 of her whimsical digi kits!
All you have to do is leave a comment
naming your favorite Lemon Tree Studio
Digi Kit and your contact info.

I will pick a Winner Next Monday

Additional Digi Sources:
Kitschy Digitals
Shop 66
& my personal collection

A special Easter Treat for YOU

I have a special treat for you
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It's not to late to get your easter headbands!

Goodnight Moon {diy-tutorial}

It's not very often that I finish a just for me project
but recently I decided I wanted to try making something new
out of something that was otherwise collecting dust in our home
So here we go
let's make a goodnight moon lamp!

The first thing you will need is a globe.

Now don’t be shy,

I’m sure by now you have all converted to Google Maps

and your globe is sitting on the top of a shelf

somewhere collecting dust.

If you don’t have one,

try your local thrift store,

chances are someone else just got addicted

to the Magic of Google.

LOL, no I’m not trying to shamefully

promote Google!

Once you have cleaned the dust off you will want to find

some type of light to illuminate your globe.

I stole mine from one of my Christmas village pieces,

but I’m sure you can find something

at your local hardware store.

With an exacto knife

cut out an opening for your light.

Prime your globe with gesso or basic white paint,

this may take several coats.

Once primed the fun part begins-

the decorating!

Skies the limit - your “moon” can look anyway you want.

I made mine to match my shabby chic bedroom theme

I’ve recently taken a liking too.

I chose to decoupage my globe

with old music sheets,

vintage cards, and sewing patterns

using Mod Podge as my glue.

Elmer's basic white glue will work just fine too

it’s just important at this stage in the project

to use a matt based product.

Once you have the entire surface covered,

you will probably want to subdue or age your piece.

I diluted pink, aqua, pearl, and white

acrylic paint with some water

and worked my way around the globe

painting the entire surface and then rubbing it off.

I ended by sprinkling a bit of glitter

before everything was completely dry.

Once dry seal your work

with a glossy overcoat of Mod Podge.

To create the “craters”

you will need some scrap-booking eyelets.

The ones I chose were 1/8 inch,

however I found they were a bit too small

to really allow very much light to come through

so I would highly suggest you try a larger size.

If you are careful to pick just the right size

of drill bit your eyelets should fit right into the holes

and no glue will be needed to hold them in place.

I’m sorry that I don’t have any images to share

of what the lamp looks like turned on.

This lighting technique is very subtle

and is more for just adding a bit of

“magic” to your room at night.

If you want just skip the lighting portion

of this tutorial all together,

to create interesting three dimensional pieces of art.

You could have a whole collection

in all different sizes.

Believe me,

once through you wont miss

that ol’ globe one bit.

Off to Candyland

Candyland themed birthday parties
seem to be all the rage these days
and why shouldn't they be?
Such a great excuses to indulge
your sweet tooth!

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