The Joy of Easter

I hope everyone of you had a wonderful easter!
This has been an extra special holiday for us
as we had two adorable kiddos to celebrate with.
We have been foster parents now
for just over a month.
We currently have two adorable little girls living with us.
I won't deny that it hasn't been hard
but overall it's been overwhelmingly fulfilling
and has brought so much joy
and NOISE into our home.

If you know anything about the foster care system
you know that you certainly don't do it for the money!
LOL it doesn't help that we tend to like to spoil "our" kids.
My hubby purchased the girls matching easter dresses
which sadly but not surprisingly have already been ruined!
Does anyone know if Polyester can be dyed?
anywho I purchased these diy paper box kits
They turned out super cute
and were a lot easier to make than I imagined
LOL but of coarse one has already made its way to the trash.
DANG, are kids hard on things or what?

The girls dyed easter eggs
last weekend
and all week long we all enjoyed yummy gooey
egg sandwiches.

Speaking of eggs
we have 6 little black bird eggs
waiting to hatch in my husbands barbeque.
As you can imagine my husband is not very pleased
and my dogs are quite entertained
at barking at the poor mother bird.

Digi goodies from ME!
One of many new kits I'm working on
and hoping to have available this summer :D


Melony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

YOU are a foster parent! Wonderful. My family and I were a foster family for 16 years. It was the hardest, most frustrating, wonderful, mushy-gushy, awful, thrilling, happy, sad, sweet, heart-wrenching lifestyle. We were privileged to adopt one of the 63 children who we parented. Then, after being emotionally exhausted, we decided to adopt another child...this time from China, and support families in crisis in different ways. My prayers are with you and I wish you lots of stamina and smiles! :)

tiffany said...

chelsea ann... congratulations to you, your hubby and the two little girls! i have thought of you several times and hoped that this dream had come true for you, i know you very much wanted to expand your family and i hope fostering is a wonderful step for you all.