Yet More Pink and Aqua

Happy Monday to you friends.
I am in such a good mood... been crying a bit here and there
but that is just my silly hormones up to there normal no good.
I am in high spirits perhaps because I am preparing to go on a trip
so this will be my only post this week
I will not be saying where we are going but leave you with a hint
Big Red is Going to See Something Big and Red
in my opinion that is about the easiest puzzle in the world.
Speaking of red... I have dyed my hair again
as you can recall I wasn't that pleased with being a blond
but Strawberry Blond, well that is something completely different.

This new photo is from a very special photo-shoot I did with a friend.
I can't wait to show you all the photos... they turned out so well
I have always wanted to take a picture like this one.
I got the idea from the book The Center of Everything by Laura Moriarty.

anywho... I am still at odds with myself about what picture
I should use for the Romantic Homes ad? ugggggg.
I have to decide by Tuesday!
So I thought maybe I should make a few more things...
but yet I still fell lost
I wish I could set up a vote of some sort. hmmmm ...
Perhaps if you all don't mind jumping onto my flickr photos a
nd letting me know which you think would present best
mindful of coarse that the image is going to be very small.

This little house turned out quite cute I think
it's a ice cream polar and even the house looks absolutely edible

And oh yes the easter bunny needs a winter vacation spot does he not?
although I am not so sure he looks that happy up there
"why such a grim little look mr. Bunny"?

I love it most when the houses all sit side by side
such a perfect little vision I get in my mind
of what it would be like to live on Lollipop Lane
and have such lovely neighbors all living in their quint little houses.

Well do take care this week
and be keeping your eye out next week
for many fun posts of my recent adventures.
Chelsea Ann

Pink and Aqua

14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

I have so much to share with you,
all these little things just started to come together at the last moment...
I love when that happens.
I'm going to try something new for the first time
and invest a little money into advertising.
Lollishops has some beautiful ads in well known and beautiful magazines
and while I'm not sure if it's money well spent or not
I decided I would sign up for the Romantic Homes Christmas Ad.
The theme was pink and Aqua~
So what to do, what to do?

I didn't get off to a very good start
I thought it would be fun to try something new apart from my typical fuzzy yarn creations
and I was having so much fun working on these
but then I wasn't!
So I scrapped the idea. Now I have no idea what to do with these gals
They are cute but just missing that magic...
So after a few tizzy fits I decided I would make more Lollipop Lane Cottages.
but alas~ all my christmas doo-dads were traditional christmas colors

So one thing led to another and my oober girly side came out
and Hello Kitty's Winter Cottage was born
It's actually not quite finished...
but I had too show it for the Pink and Aqua Post of coarse.

Oh I just love these little cottages...
but I wasn't quite sure it was quite the right thing for the ad

So I thought to myself...
"what do people who love pink and aqua also love?"
well the answer was simple
or at-lease to me anyhow

yumm right... I think the ice cream cones will turn into tree ornaments
but the cupcake i think it just for play
might be too large to hang
so that dilemma led to the next creation...

Cupcake Keepsake Box!
oh I think I struck gold or at-least pretty glittery pink

Well as you can see I have been very busy
and if you visit my photo album you will see
that I just keep adding to my digital scrapbook
here are just two...
Is'nt just too cute that Jimmy and I have such similar childhood pictures.

Enjoy your weekend sweets!
Chelsea Ann

P.S. these items wont be going into the shop until probably October but if you want to snatch them up quick or have something special made... just drop me a note.

Tick Tock

Dear friends,
I would like to thank you for your sweet kind words regarding my last post
unfortunately my mood as not much improved
I mean not to sound too negative
for part of me is quite happy
but there has been a little munchkin of sorts sitting at my ear
confusing me and asking me to question so much of myself
He blurts out such silly and yet such honest things
Do you ever feel this way?
Like you have this inner self telling you exactly what you do not want to hear
or perhaps what you should be telling yourself
but you've been too scared or embarrassed or ignorant
and so you have been covering up his little mouth
trying your best to stifle his helpless mutters?
Why do I ask... I know you have these feelings
we share them with each other so often
it always is such a release to send out my thoughts to you
It helps me sort out my feelings
I should like to share more about what has been bothering me later
but for now I should like to think on them a bit more

that is my word to myself this evening.
Let things go, enjoy the present
and don't be so hard on yourself

Well onto the lighter side of life...
I seem to be in a bit of a creative slump
not that I don't have ideas
oh no last week I was working on 5-6 different creative projects
but each one seems to fall short
one after another gets swept to the side
I need to learn to narrow my focus
say NO to one project or another
let opportunities pass me by if I have some doubt
I need to give myself a break
when was the last time you were bored?
I can't recall, I am always in an anxious mood...
good gracious! Did not I say I would talk of happy things?

One of my projects has been working on a new illustration set based on Peter Pan
For one reason or another I have struggled with this set of drawings
I sketch and re-sketch
then I color and throw away and start over again
but in away I think this is all good
I finally have a few sketches I am happy with
and the coloring is starting to come along
I have not given up! I am determined to finish it through
and sometimes that is just how things go
sometimes everything comes together so easily
and sometimes it is a battle the whole way through
the idea is to not let it eat at you

which now it sounds like I am giving myself advise concerning my current moods?

You know, the thing is...
it really is all about your attitude isn't it
It's about the way we precieve the world and ourselves
it's about working past frustrations and our own personal shortcomings
I have so many faults
and I can be so negative and anxious and feel so lost
so much more than I would like to even admit
but you know, it's okay
it's okay as long as we try our best everyday to live a better a life
to pick ourselves up, slap ourselves on the bottom
and say "you know what, today you were a royal pain in the bottom"
moods are moods
we (I) must work through them and see the lighter side of life
and enjoy every single moment
Life really is too short
I shall be a grump no more...
at-least for tonight
Thank you for letting me send these silly rants out into your worlds
as you can see, where I start and where I end up are such different places
I hope you too find blogging to be a safe a healing place amongst your dearest friends
Most recent scrapbook page
How happy I was that day... I shall think of that tonight!

I wish you all a happy week with NO mood swings
Hugs~ Chelsea Ann

Pickle Juice in my Cereal (yeah it was that kind of day)

I had a very BAD day...
but I found Rice
(I'm not referring to the sticky stuff that gives me heartburn)
and now I feel a bit better
and so I thought if beautiful images
and amazing, wonderful products...
you just wish with all your heart you could have
even if it meant breaking your bank account or your arm
make me feel a bit better on a day like today
that you just might like to see them too
plus I was told sharing makes for a joyful heart
so enjoy~

Just Kidding Around

Why is it that I am in a mad rush to send out a post
when I'm feeling the pressure of the clock tick tick ticking faster and faster
that blogger or my computer or picnik
or one of numerous issues starts having a bit of fun with me
Today Blogger will just not behave and is refusing to let me rearrange my pictures.
It has also not been letting me add or rearrange icons on my side bars either
very aggravating
but as I type as fast as my little uneducated fingers can possibly manage
lets be happy
Mondays are always crazy no matter how I try to prepare
half of it must just be the bit of gloom that sits straight up with you the instance you wake
just knowing it's another work day.
So good grief... what time I'm wasting!
So much to share in such a short time
How do you like my guess room/future nursery/Chelsea Ann's Play room?
Yes I have transformed it once again.
I am just so tickled with how the painted stripes turned out
and I finally talked hubby into installing my toy shelf
if only all the toys fit! LOL

I just love this room
I have no idea where we will ever fit a baby in here
even if we do clear the room of everything except the bed
But for the time being it is very lovely to see all my toys in the same space

But BEWARE my sweet darling toys!
Miller is always looking for his next victim

I've been trying very hard to avoid the Flea Market
But yesterday I just could not help myself
and boy am I glad I did!
Look at my lute!!!!

I only wish I had a friend with me to share in my excitement
my husband just roles his eyes
so I took a picture because I knew all of you would understand

I must say I just can't seem to get away from my computer these days
No matter how hard I try I naturally gravitate to its embrace
Lately it hasn't been so much about being on-line as it has been rummaging through
the archives of our scanned photos
especially those of my hubbies

I just adore working with Shop 66 cute a furry and sometimes very odd characters
I just realized I had even a page or two more to show you but they will have to wait
oh why must the clock keep ticking?
ad on that thought, why is it when I'm at work it ticks so slow?

My little sis is coming into town today!!!!
Although I feel so bad because it is for a dentist appointment of the very worse sort!
But it will be so fun visiting with her ~ as you can see she has quite a personallity

One last thing,
I'm looking for a bit of encouragement here...
Your's truly is teaching herself how to use Illustrator
a very nit picky and complex graphic design program
I really really want to start making digital scrap-booking products of my own
this is what I was able to produce last week
I can't wait until my Illustrator for Dummies book comes in from the Library.
Well I really best be off
sorry no spell checking or sentence correcting... there is just no more time
Best t you all this week!

Chelsea Ann

Pink Thumb

My little head is just stuffed full with all kinds of things I want to share
Creativity is fluttering from my heart right down to my fingertips
this is wonderful... but it does account for my lack of time for you
So many blog posts unvisited and e-mails waiting for applies
but I know you gals wont hold it against me
for every burst of artistic energy
there seems to follow with a drought
mine seem to come with the rain
and with living in the very green state of Oregon
it rains a lot!
So while the sun still hangs in the sky
I'm going to indulge

I'm a home body myself
I don't visit even my backyard that often
although that could be because it's really really gross and unloved
I hate working in the yard!
It's a terrible shame because greenery and flowers are so therapeutic an charming
but my thumb is pink not green
although I will say I don't mind pushing a lawn mower

A friend gave me this idea to cover a Styrofoam ball with ice-cream cone
I'm not honestly sure if ice-cream cones are even good for little birdies
I know I like them!
After 2 boxes however I ran out
so I opened my cupboard to see what I might use
and was quite tickled to find a bag of peanuts from Christmas
so I turned my star into a sunflower
and I think that was just a very happy accident indeed

I also thought I would share a picture from an article from Oregon Live
I've been lucky enough to visit this beautiful space a time or two
it's the product of pure genius and a lot of sweat
it's the backyard of my very dear friend Rolfe and his husband Stephen
I hope to one day take you on a tour of their home
it's breathtaking - I'd call it dirty grungy chic. It's wonderful!!!!!!

And last but not least one more page for my Wedding Scrapbook
the floral images were my inspiration torn from magazines
I'm so pleased that I kept them after all this time

Have a lovely weekend ladies!
& go... enjoy the outdoors

Love~ Chelsea Ann

The Heart of Blogging

(The first picture I posted on my blog)

Who is ittybittybirdy?
I've never been very good at pinning myself down
Living in my own skin you would think I would know myself so well
but each day I seem to grow, change, and evolve
into something that is closer and more relevant to this image I have tucked deep inside me

I wanted to create a new introduction for my blog...but words are such a tricky thing...
I am never quite satisfied with them.... but here it is

"In real life I'm just plain Chelsea, but in the wonderful world of blogland I am most fondly Chelsea Ann. Some of you might also know me as ittybittybirdy.
I think of myself as a silly little bird eternally lost in the clouds of my imagination, looking for sunlight in this sometimes dark and gloomy world. My artwork and hand made crafts are a reflection of my inner child.
Through the ramblings of my blog I strive to remind myself
and others not to take life to seriously.
I live in Portland Oregon with my handsome husband
and two faithful yet messy puppy dogs."

I think between my banner and my little bird and the rain cloud logo
I have really captured the two sides of me
Through my blogging I always hope to share two things
1. that I am real
(No matter what kind of life style my pictures might portray
I'm not perfect. I deal with anxiety, depression, hormones, insecurities, my house is never clean, I'm terrible with money, oh the list could go on and on)
2. that life is what you make it
(Despite the list above I try everyday to improve myself, and to live by my own silly girly creed)

You know, when I think
I'm talking to you
it's hard to explain but it's like I'm always writing blog posts
except like now, when I sit down to write nothing comes out
terribly annoying

I guess the point of my first shpeel is to introduce myself
So many of you are new readers
and I feel I just don't get the opportunity to get know each and everyone of you
like I would like to.

My favorite part of blogging are the friendships formed
I am so blessed to be part of such a warm and kind community of beautiful women
who encourage me to be just who I am if not more
My goodness I just can't seem to get this sappy bug out of my system today
It started with a gift, an e-mail, and a call

The call :
5th day in a row of my job saying they didn't need me
a terrible and strange feeling to not know where life is heading
do you have your silly job or not, what next?

The gift:
A Treasure sent all the way from Australia
so perfectly me, so beautifully crafted, so special and kind

a special swap from Jessy
a beautiful bag inspired by my blog,
a necklace of itty bitty yoyos (not shown)
scrumdidlyumptious lipgloss
and the cutest compact mirror you ever did see
and most special, a note written from the heart just for me!

The E-mail:
After my call, I received a very special e-mail
from a very dear friend who needed a reason to smile this morning
and the thing she chose was ME!
It is moments like this that make me really love blogging
to know that your silly moments shared bring joy to others
It's not about 15 minutes of fame, shop sales, or any other silly thing
It's about friendship and real HEART!
I LOVE YOU Danielle!!!!!

As if this poor post hasn't gone from one end to the next
I wanted to share a few new pages for my scrapbook
I've really been missing my little sis who is off at college
she is so very special to me and I am so proud of her
she is following her heart!!!!
She has always known what she wanted and has not let others steer her away!
We are so very different her and I
but we are closer for it I like to think

Oh- goodness me!
One more thing... I want to give a BIG shout out to Craft Pudding
for helping my little boy birdy turn into a girl
and for making two beautiful stamps for my business cards
(Find both in images above)

Well I hope this post didn't drive you too crazy.
I have been sitting her typing away for way over an hour
so whatever I have written will be as it is.
Some days are just like that...

Chelsea Ann