Just Kidding Around

Why is it that I am in a mad rush to send out a post
when I'm feeling the pressure of the clock tick tick ticking faster and faster
that blogger or my computer or picnik
or one of numerous issues starts having a bit of fun with me
Today Blogger will just not behave and is refusing to let me rearrange my pictures.
It has also not been letting me add or rearrange icons on my side bars either
very aggravating
but as I type as fast as my little uneducated fingers can possibly manage
lets be happy
Mondays are always crazy no matter how I try to prepare
half of it must just be the bit of gloom that sits straight up with you the instance you wake
just knowing it's another work day.
So good grief... what time I'm wasting!
So much to share in such a short time
How do you like my guess room/future nursery/Chelsea Ann's Play room?
Yes I have transformed it once again.
I am just so tickled with how the painted stripes turned out
and I finally talked hubby into installing my toy shelf
if only all the toys fit! LOL

I just love this room
I have no idea where we will ever fit a baby in here
even if we do clear the room of everything except the bed
But for the time being it is very lovely to see all my toys in the same space

But BEWARE my sweet darling toys!
Miller is always looking for his next victim

I've been trying very hard to avoid the Flea Market
But yesterday I just could not help myself
and boy am I glad I did!
Look at my lute!!!!

I only wish I had a friend with me to share in my excitement
my husband just roles his eyes
so I took a picture because I knew all of you would understand

I must say I just can't seem to get away from my computer these days
No matter how hard I try I naturally gravitate to its embrace
Lately it hasn't been so much about being on-line as it has been rummaging through
the archives of our scanned photos
especially those of my hubbies

I just adore working with Shop 66 cute a furry and sometimes very odd characters
I just realized I had even a page or two more to show you but they will have to wait
oh why must the clock keep ticking?
ad on that thought, why is it when I'm at work it ticks so slow?

My little sis is coming into town today!!!!
Although I feel so bad because it is for a dentist appointment of the very worse sort!
But it will be so fun visiting with her ~ as you can see she has quite a personallity

One last thing,
I'm looking for a bit of encouragement here...
Your's truly is teaching herself how to use Illustrator
a very nit picky and complex graphic design program
I really really want to start making digital scrap-booking products of my own
this is what I was able to produce last week
I can't wait until my Illustrator for Dummies book comes in from the Library.
Well I really best be off
sorry no spell checking or sentence correcting... there is just no more time
Best t you all this week!

Chelsea Ann


Diane said...

Chelsea, I love your Special Play Room I do know what you mean my husband just doesn't get it either. So I love to share with all my Blog friends. The stripes are darling. Illustrator is hard my hubby does a lot of my scan work etc. Good Luck.
Hugs, Diane

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Oh, another adorable Chelsea Ann room!!! It's soooo cute!!! The stripes are wonderful! You are so talented :~) It will be so exciting to see your line of digital scrapbook products, too!

at the Blue Barn said...

Lots to do in this room! I love the puppy snooping around. . I'd love to come over and play!

sassypackrat said...

Loving your toy room! I'm a bit jealous as most of my lovely toys are packed away because of space issues. But I'm thrilled to see yours out on display!
Illustrator IS hard to learn but it looks like you've got a good handle on it(hint: it's all about the curves) Really love your circus art!

Alissa said...

Look at that shelf! How awesome! All your toys look great in the room. Miller better stay away! Hope you have a wonderful week dear. We should get together sometime! Luvs.

creative breathing said...

CA, I already love your "playing around" clown illustrations! Oh my gosh when you get it down, look out! I am beyond excited! E PS LOVE the stripes!

Heather - CROQZine.com - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

Illustrator is really challenging, so I'd say you are doing GREAT!!! Love the circus illustrations! :)

apparentlyjessy said...

LOVE the playroom! I know exactly what you mean when you bring home your treasured finds, and all your husband does is roll his eyes...my boyfriend does that too!
Time does seem to fly by so fast, there is never enough time in a day to get what I want done, yet when I am at work, its the opposite!
Love the scrap booking pages, and the stuff you have made in illustrator looks FANTASTIC!

Lori said...

What a magical playland. I don't think men ever get it when it comes to what we collect, do they? The pages are adorable, love the kewpie the best! Lori

Rose said...

Chelsea Ann, your play room is so perfect! I love the stripes.
That is one good thing about the blogging world, there are people that like the same things as you, my bf and parents dont 'understand' some of the things I buy either...or should I say 'appreciate'.
Thanks for sharing your colourful world with us once again :)


Karens Hopes said...

We understand, we understand totally I bagged some bargains at the weekend too and my teenage children just shook their head in despair, pop over and have a look.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Your Toy/Play/Baby Room is loaded with wonderful goodies! How fun!

I gave a shout out to you on my recent post. I shared about our visit at Crafty Wonderland. Once again it was so nice to meet you and have a moment to share with one another in person!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

tammyCA said...

What a fun room! It has a "under the big top" look with the stripes & angled ceiling.
And, your circus graphics are sweet...you are a very talented artist.

Panda said...

I think your illustrator drawings look great! It's about to be a year since I first started to use illustrator...and I think I'm jealous of what you have already accomplished! :D Keep it up.

Allison Drew said...

What a wonderful post! I love the adorable pictures!

Martha said...

Your circus images in Illustrator look wonderful -- I'm so impressed -- and the play room is so cute.