Open a Book

I wish I was a stronger reader
I wish the letters on the page were not so scary and overwhelming
I wish words made sense and had more meaning
but reading and writing and oh yes rhythmic and science and remembering history
and and and
But I do LOVE to read...
and so who cares that I can't spell, and I misinterpret words
...but please don't ask me to read out load
All that aside I really do love to read
and while I can't recall the last time I read a novel
I visit my local library 2 to 3 times weekly
The Library is the most AMAZING place
My book-bag is full of How To do's , The History of This or That,
and Magical and Silly (beautifully illustrated) Children's Books.

My favorite reads from the last month have been:

I hope you found the time to read at least one book this summer
and find the time each and every day to read to your little ones
I just think it is so important - and such a great way to connect and wind down
and most importantly to spark little imaginations!
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related to children and reading ~ of my choosing

In other news:
I have been a busy bee learning how to digital scrapbook
at first I thought I would just do pages for our wedding
but then I kept wanting to use all the cute kits and imagery out there
and not having a little one yet
*pardon my tissy fit!
I decided I would just start making pages of just the silly randomness of my everyday life
might not be incredibly practical now but when I'm a little ol' granny
it will be fun to look back at these moments and share them with my family

Here are just a few of my digital Scrapbooking Sources:

It's so fun and really addicting
I plan on making one giant scrapbook
and then making CD's for everyone for Christmas
so it will be time well spent - Minus money spent!
So yupp this means I will be sharing new pages on a weekly basis

Happy Monday Gals~
Chelsea Ann


cindy said...

i read almost on a daily basis...i just grew up that way! :)

and i have been wanting to give digital scrapbooking a looks like so much fun! your pages are just so cute!

koralee said...

Molly lou that book...we have it!!! Great post today...i adore the library..such a fun way to spend a few hours...your scrapbooking looks amazing...someday I would love to learn. Happy week to you!

apparentlyjessy said...

Love your library photo shoot Chelsea! I have been trying to get back into reading of late, have even joined a book club!

Reading has never come easy to me either, and funnily enough at the end of my time at university, I took a test and found out I have a learning disability! Would have been wonderful and far less stressful if I had found that out earlier in life!

But I refuse to let it hinder me, and I have learnt to be less hard on myself if I have trouble with learning/understanding things.

I like your digital scrap booking pages, it must be far less time consuming than working with real paper and glue!

I do hope your package arrives soon, I always get so anxious with posting lovely things in the mail!

Christy said...

Definitely so swell! Aren't A Print A Day kit so sweet?

I love your library photo shoot! You look like a dolly!

Laura Marie said...

I went on holiday recently, and i read 8 books while i was away... Loads of people my age find that really weird (im 16, and its not 'cool' to read) but i have given up caring, because i love disappearing into another world... If you haven't all ready, may i suggest the Twilight series... Absolutely mind blowing!!!

Love to you Chelsea Ann <3 <3

Cait* said...

What a coincident! I work at a children's museum and we just starting carrying Tudor's "A is for Annabelle." Her work is just darling!

Lori said...

You are so darn cute in the pink dress! I love the adorable pink baby imagine!!! Lori

SadieLou said...

Oh my goodness--look at apparently Jessi's sweet pink hair! Gorgeous!

Anyhoo, (I was distracted there)
I love to read children's books and I love your digital scrapbook pages! So clever!

KnockKnocking said...

I just got back from visiting my mom and she sent me home with one of my favorite books from my childhood... The Private World of Tasha Tudor!! Isn't it delightful? xoxo