what we have to be thankful for....

So Thanksgiving was a bit stressful... with school on the mind, awkward moments with the relatives, and our beautiful Cadillac being badly hurt from a run in with a deer-the poor deer didn't make it either. However, we keep our spirits high by thinking about how blessed we are! Not to mention we have the love of two very handsome young pups.

what a very sad weekend for a crafter and her pup

OH! POOR POUCH! Not only was it a hard day for little Milly but It was a very long depressing weekend for Victoria and I. OH WELL-Better luck next time! I HOPE!

the sale...

All ready to go...a friend at school was so sweet and bought some of my work to give to her expecting cousin. So I wrapped in up in sweet pink so that it will arrive to the new mom in style. I hope she likes them!

Here are some pics. of the sign I made for the sale-I'm very proud of it-Because its just so cute!


Last year about this time I was busy making these adorable little elephant cards and tags. They were a complete flop! I only sold a couple and I know they bought them out of pity. But I still love them and they have been very useful this year for gifts at baby showers.

More homemade art

I've been busy working on my crafts to sale at Chrismas bizarres and such....here are the latest of the bunch.
Please don't be scared off by the terrible saturation of the photos....I promise the colors are much more pleasant in real life!

P.S. you can always click on an image to see it LARGER!

Wheely Bugs

I am in LOVE with all the Wheely Bug creatures! They make me smile every time I see them....☺