A "Tiny" Shoe Fetish

I've recently rediscovered the blogging bug.
I forgot what an amazing outlet sharing all the silly things 
that make me happy can be. 
My ever growing collection of childrens shoes
is one such thing that is absolutely ridiculous
but such a "big happy" thing for me.
It all started about 10 years ago,
when I snagged these cool kicks by PONY
at Famous Footwear for FREE!
I had $10 in credit that was about to expire
and well long story short
I couldn't pass them up.
Even though I was still in my teens (eeck)! 
I know I'm nuts, but then again
gosh they sure are awesome!
Obviously I would have got them in my size
 had that been an option.

but I did just discover that my size 8 feet
fit into girls size 6 shoes. Sweet!
yupp, I'm totally rocking these - Glittery Pink Converse. 

So like I said the PONY shoes were just the start.
Well okay, it wasn't until I was married
that I started "the box".
Seriously, why are kids shoe's so awesome?!
I've pretty much found all my shoes
at local second hand, and "trade in" baby stores.
Typically I pay between $3-$6. 

I can totally picture my hubby rolling his eyes 
when I grabbed these Snow White pumps 
with over the top enthusiasm and maybe a bit of a funky
"oh, yeah I found an AMAZING
 item at an AMAZING price" dance.

Love these red patent leather pumps! 

With 3 horse loving aunts,
 and a momma who loves a good ol' fashioned rodeo
a girl's got to have herself some cowboy boots. 

Oldies but goodies :)

Swoon - Need I say anything more?

These are fancy - someone spent a good penny on them I'm sure of it.

These "oh my gosh are they not the cutest things ever"
Aster shoes are just like new. I couldn't believe my eyes,
or the $5 price tag. 

Just love the bow on these. Perfect for easter. 

Last but not least -
Loved my OshKosh B'gosh as a kid, love it even more now. 
These pretty puppies are not used,
and were not on sale.
But I COULD NOT pass them up. 
So thank you Mom for my Target holiday gift card! 

Let's give some love to MiniToko's French Valentine digi-kit
available at Kitschy Digitals.

Project Life - Getting Organized

I'm preparing to start my baby books for my two little monsters.
I've know for quite some time that I wanted to use the 
Project life syste
So I've spent the last year organizing my supplies
so that when I do find the time
it will be easy to find what I want relatively quickly.

We were given some puzzles a few years back for Christmas.
The boxes were clever but super impractical for storing the puzzle pieces.
Not only would the pieces get mixed up, 
but if you didn't have them all laying horizontal
you couldn't shut the lid. It was frustrating to say the least. 
So the puzzles found a new home,
and the boxes came to my rescue in the form of the "perfect"
organizing system for my Project Life supplies.
Here is an example of what type of boxes I'm talking about
in case you haven't seen them before.
But I'd keep an eye out at thrift store... 'cuz they're a little pricey.

I'm sure the boxes come in a variety of sizes but mine are the exact perfect
dimensions for the 3x4 and 4x6 standard Project Life cards. 
Couldn't be more perfect in fact! 
I could probably use a couple more boxes 
so that my system would be even easier.
But for now I have a section for words, letters and numbers, 
people, animals, and inadament objects.
You could have your paper organized by colors, and your objects by themes,
the possibilities are endless. 
I'm not exactly a world-class organizer so this system is sufficient enough for me. 

I save everything! 
I even find myself cutting up words from junk mail, 
or patches off my kiddos clothing, and of coarse old well loved books.
I also have purchased a handful of digital files just ready to print. 
(in fact you can snag a free set of 4 from my Springtime collection - here)

Anytime the camera comes out in this house
Bill dog is right there. I mean literally right in the middle of the action. 
It's pretty comical really although it drives me absolutely mad at the moment. 

Here are a few groupings I put together just playing around
with colors and such.

Then I played around with different concepts using some of the same elements.
Just like children playing with a puzzle
I could loose myself for hours just arranging different groupings. 
It's kind of therapeutic - at least for me. 
design without the sticky glue and clean up.

But of coarse the glue will find it's way out of the drawer
just as soon as I get some pictures printed,
and if I'm lucky get a little someone to start taking naps.

Do you have a Project Life scrapbook?
If so, have you come up with any clever storage/organizing solutions? 

My Little Lamb

My sweet little Annalea is 8 months now
and what a fun time we are having.
Sitting, and rolling, and eating Cherrios. 

She is such a happy baby!

Here she was at 5 months.
We had this little lamb bonnet special made
for her halloween costume.
Isn't it just so lovely!? I truly adore their beautiful work,
and they were so lovely to work with.  
Sadly this is the only picture of miss Annalea and I together.
I was a very dolled up Bo-Peep. 
I'm sure glad I took pictures of the babies the day before
cuz' boy was halloween one long crazy day.

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