A "Tiny" Shoe Fetish

I've recently rediscovered the blogging bug.
I forgot what an amazing outlet sharing all the silly things 
that make me happy can be. 
My ever growing collection of childrens shoes
is one such thing that is absolutely ridiculous
but such a "big happy" thing for me.
It all started about 10 years ago,
when I snagged these cool kicks by PONY
at Famous Footwear for FREE!
I had $10 in credit that was about to expire
and well long story short
I couldn't pass them up.
Even though I was still in my teens (eeck)! 
I know I'm nuts, but then again
gosh they sure are awesome!
Obviously I would have got them in my size
 had that been an option.

but I did just discover that my size 8 feet
fit into girls size 6 shoes. Sweet!
yupp, I'm totally rocking these - Glittery Pink Converse. 

So like I said the PONY shoes were just the start.
Well okay, it wasn't until I was married
that I started "the box".
Seriously, why are kids shoe's so awesome?!
I've pretty much found all my shoes
at local second hand, and "trade in" baby stores.
Typically I pay between $3-$6. 

I can totally picture my hubby rolling his eyes 
when I grabbed these Snow White pumps 
with over the top enthusiasm and maybe a bit of a funky
"oh, yeah I found an AMAZING
 item at an AMAZING price" dance.

Love these red patent leather pumps! 

With 3 horse loving aunts,
 and a momma who loves a good ol' fashioned rodeo
a girl's got to have herself some cowboy boots. 

Oldies but goodies :)

Swoon - Need I say anything more?

These are fancy - someone spent a good penny on them I'm sure of it.

These "oh my gosh are they not the cutest things ever"
Aster shoes are just like new. I couldn't believe my eyes,
or the $5 price tag. 

Just love the bow on these. Perfect for easter. 

Last but not least -
Loved my OshKosh B'gosh as a kid, love it even more now. 
These pretty puppies are not used,
and were not on sale.
But I COULD NOT pass them up. 
So thank you Mom for my Target holiday gift card! 

Let's give some love to MiniToko's French Valentine digi-kit
available at Kitschy Digitals.

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