Down the Wishing Well

Hello Gals!!!!
and lads too, if they happen to be joining in the fun
Well instead of being late
I'm early to this years Mad Hatter Tea Party.
It's a little awkward being the first to arrive
but with such mad company
I am sure to think it should be just as awkward to arrive fashionably late
Don't you?

I must say...
the route one must take to arrive at such a destination
is quite extraordinarily preposterous
I practically fell into a wishing well!

The company is MAD of coarse!
What more could you expect?

Such terrible manners too...
their mothers should be ashamed!

There is small chit chat
nothing more than the octave of a country mouse

And enough sweets and treats to fill one large cat
or to satisfy the appetite of a walrus perhaps?

I'm always so in awe of the Mad Hatter's fine taste

Each afternoon
exactly at noon
(or at-least that's what his watch always says)
He serves tea until a quarter to 3
and then he start all over again and
everyone move one seat to their left.
Oh what a splendid time I'm having
how about you?

Would you like another cup or two of tea?
No, you think you've had enough,
you've gone around the table twice
and sat in every chair thrice?
well I don't think your math quite matches up...

Perhaps you got too much pepper in your nose
when you visited that crazy old duchess?
oh, did you hear?
the duchess must go to court today
seems she did something to upset the Queen!

You haven't met the queen?
oh, well you better be careful!
And hold your tongue
she seems to have a likeness to heads
and not in a pleasant kind of way
Oh my it is getting late...
I have enjoyed all of your company so much.
Make sure you say hello to Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum
before you go,
they always amuse me so

Being silly is so much fun!
Thanks for stopping by
I hope you have just as many crazy and mad adventures as I!

~Chelsea Ann

The artwork was created especially for today...
take a peak in my shop if you like
you will find these and many more

The 23rd of June

2 Years of marriage
seems like just yesterday I was a young girl dreaming about Mr Right
I am such a lucky lucky lucky girl
I not only married the most amazing man
but my very best friend

To my husband:

"I love you with all my heart
thoughts of you puts a smile on my face
and joy in my heart
I'm not a perfect wife but I Love you
and each day I try to share the best of who I am with you
I thank you for loving me
just the way I am
for believing in me
when I doubt my self
and for being there with me and for me
when I fail and when I succeed.
I pray we shall always remember our love, our friendship, and our vows
that we will be strong when life seems unfair
and open to new adventures when opportunity knocks at our door
may we always walk the same road
hand in hand!

These are my very first digital scrap-booking pages.
It's a really rewarding process to put these together
...a little bit time consuming but fun
I can't wait to finish my wedding album

I hope you all had a nice Monday
Mine has been very very long and it's time to try to get some sleep
despite the can of AMP energy drink slushing around in my belly
I was going to try to pull a long night and get a lot of much needed work done
I just don't think that will happen'
the problem is
I really don't want to be
"late, oh so late for my very important date!"
YES Mad Hatter Tea Party is this weekend and I procrastinated!!!!!!
and we have family coming and I have late nights at work
oh my! Oh DEAR!
Well I will have to get it all done one way or another wont I?

Sugar Belly Prints are here!

My first set of prints are finally done...
What an amazing feeling.
This collection of prints is based on my favorite treats at the moment.
Perhaps a hot dog does not count
but literally I'm having them breakfast, lunch and dinner these days
Junk Food is a topic I plan on exploring more
but crazy as this may seem
I will be debuting another new collection next week!
hint: I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I'm not myself you see.
hmmmm... what could I be up to now?
I've been going back and forth on pricing for weeks now
this is what I've decided to try out

.Basic Pricing structure for prints.
1st Print: $18 (price includes shipping worldwide)
fallowing prints $15 Each
Special Discounts on prints sold as a set of 3 or more

I'll try it out and see how that goes.
I've found that typically prints are sold in the $18 range
and that does not include shipping
ugggg. pricing is never fun! :(

Well it's late in the day and I have more coloring to do before next weeks reveal
The ittybittybirdy Print Shop is now open!

Have a lovely weekend!
~Chelsea Ann

P.S. The first sale in my Print shop will receive 1 free print of their choice!!!

Creative Breathing

~Creative Breathing Colors~

1. Vintage Ric Rac, 2. girls apron, 3. Babes in Toyland Disneykins Disney Vintage Toy Soldier by Marx, 1961, 4. embroidered atc (wip) with a few changes, 5. New fabrics, 6. Mr Smarty the Cat, 7. easter cookies!, 8. Rocky & Raquel Racoon Salt & Pepper Shakers, 9. junior deluxe, 10. Malabar Farms Afghan, 11. Martha, 12. Wooden Frosty and Santa, 13. vintage house, 14. Circle of Love, 15. Box of Roses, 16. red shoes, little gir#E2CB7, 17. Mabel Lucie Attwell, 18. Vintage Paper Doll Note Cards, 19. Circus cake, 20. heart, 21. gingham heart, 22. littleredriddinghood, 23. Quilt, 24. Vintage Fisher Price Pony Music Box, 25. margie

It starts with a heart
and a special message meant just for you

Perhaps a few of you already know who and what this blog post is about?
Perhaps you too have received your very own heart
perhaps you follow the beautiful stories
and gasp over each new labor of love?

But sadly perhaps...
a few of you do not know who or what this post about?
What is Creative Breathing?
I think there is no short answer...
It's more than just about creating pretty things,
having a good eye, or a flare for design.
It's a way of life.

I want to start to share with you my favorite blogs, artists and friends.
As my own blog grows in popularity
I wonder to myself
"Chelsea Ann, why do they like your blog,
What makes it special?."
Comments are always so sweet and I learn so much about all of you through them
but there are so many of you who are just readers...
and this is fine
but it does make me wonder...
and this led me to wonder about my own blog reading style
for there are blogs I read and ponder and love
but never leave a comment
and others I can't seem to say enough...
well now I am rambling.
I guess what I'm saying Thank You for following along on my constant rambling
and for sharing my ups and downs
my joys about silly things
and my little creations.
Whatever brings you back
I am glad for it!

So back to Creative Breathing...

I can't say enough about this dear dear friend of mine
she has touched me in such a significant way
as an artist, friend, and even a mother when I needed
Her kindness, generosity, and wisdom
has truly helped me find my own inner
Creative Breather!


ittybittybirdy Buyout

It's really not as bad as my title suggests
it's a little sad but at the same time very exciting
I've decided to CLOSE my ittybittybirdy vintage children's store
I'm not sure if there is just no market for such sweet things
or the economy, or my poor marketing skills
but the shop has been a flop

But don't fret.. not all is lost
ittybittybirdy Print Shop
is moving in

The move will happen Friday
I will featuring a new set of prints!
From a series entitled:
Sugar Belly

(here is a little sneak peak to perk your taste buds)

So what will happen to all the vintage children's stuff?
Well I'll just have to use it myself I guess!


just incase any of you had an eye for something in the shop...
You can make purchases until thursday afternoon
with ANY purchase you will receive a $10 Coupon
towards a purchase at ittybittybirdy Print Shop!

~Chelsea Ann

Time is a Circus

I've gathered all these circus images
but funny how I can't seem to find a thing to say...
perhaps it's just finding a place to start that is the problem

Usually when I put a post together it takes weeks and weeks of preparation.
Last night after work I was trying to find something 
I could quickly put together for todays post
I started with one idea and quickly moved onto another
and then all of a sudden everything came together
a post full of Circus Day Fun

These sweet illustrations are from the 1950 Wonder Book
The Baby Elephant
I love the little sash around the babies neck
and the bright primary colors
Unfortunately this little book has seen better days
it's spine is all but gone ... so sad!

I've been collecting vintage coloring books for years now
I cut them up and categorize them for quick reference
This is one I scanned for you to use!!!
I would LOVE to make digital sets to share
but sadly, very sadly I never kept the copy-write pages 
so I have no way of knowing if it's okay to 
make profits on these images or not :(

So I've started to scan them, so that I will always have them
and in some small way I can share them with others
by making little craft packs and such

I started to make a circus themed craft pack for my shop 
and soon it turned into something much more fun
much much more special

A very special Birthday Party pack!

Streamers, vintage cake decorations, a little circus conductors vest,
a spinning top, vintage birthday cards and oh so so much more.

I can only imagine the fun such a party would bring
so very very unique...

Or perhaps you could use the supplies to decorate a little nursery room?

All is tucked safely in a box ready to ship out to someone special...

It's funny how organically blogging comes to me
When I first started I would stress about what to share
It is time or rather the lack of it that causes me the most stress now
I always have so much to share
and so my ideas start piling up in one straight line
I work on each one from time to time
until one is finished and I press "Publish"

"Time is a circus, 
always packing up and moving away."
-Ben Hecht

Well I must be off
I MUST stop procrastinating and finish painting the guest room :( 
I hope you all had a lovely week!

Chelsea Ann


Up to the Neck in Alligators

I've been procrastinating...
truly its not in my nature to do so
but in this case it seemed to work out quite well
 I've been wanting, planning, and yes putting off
sharing my vintage children's book collection.
But now that I am drawing I'm finding my nose 
who knows where, and quite itchy 
from too much old dust and sadly some mildew too

As my very very big dream is to one day illustrate a children's book myself
I can think of nothing I love more than rummaging through beautifully illustrated book
of whimsical places, dastardly ordeals, and sweet happy endings...
well in the case of Larry the Lizard
NOT so happy!

Perhaps the best part of this book is the special insert
it seems this book was a special gift to some little girl...

The Legend of Larry the Lizard was written and illustrated by 
Peter and Jeanne Meinke and published in 1968

"The legend of Larry the Lizard 
is champion, super, and wizard;
it will cause you to sigh,
to laugh, and to cry,
and give you a pain in the gizzard."
-page 1

It's a lovely lyrical book about the importance of not getting too big a head,
for poor Larry just did not know when to go to bed.
(hehe I rhymed!)

I really love the organic quality of Jeanne's illustrations
simplicity at its finest

I would love to share a book or two each week if you all are interested.
I'm pulling them off my shelf one by one
and it's not to much to make a scan or two or three

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far...
Our airstream will be finished at the paint shop later this week
 and I'm hopping to have pictures by the end of the month :)
I'm so excited. We have weekend trips planned for the first 3 weekends in July
I can't wait to share our adventures of the road with you all!

P.S. Yours truly is a featured seller on Lollishops at the moment 
along with my dear friend Evelyn