Up to the Neck in Alligators

I've been procrastinating...
truly its not in my nature to do so
but in this case it seemed to work out quite well
 I've been wanting, planning, and yes putting off
sharing my vintage children's book collection.
But now that I am drawing I'm finding my nose 
who knows where, and quite itchy 
from too much old dust and sadly some mildew too

As my very very big dream is to one day illustrate a children's book myself
I can think of nothing I love more than rummaging through beautifully illustrated book
of whimsical places, dastardly ordeals, and sweet happy endings...
well in the case of Larry the Lizard
NOT so happy!

Perhaps the best part of this book is the special insert
it seems this book was a special gift to some little girl...

The Legend of Larry the Lizard was written and illustrated by 
Peter and Jeanne Meinke and published in 1968

"The legend of Larry the Lizard 
is champion, super, and wizard;
it will cause you to sigh,
to laugh, and to cry,
and give you a pain in the gizzard."
-page 1

It's a lovely lyrical book about the importance of not getting too big a head,
for poor Larry just did not know when to go to bed.
(hehe I rhymed!)

I really love the organic quality of Jeanne's illustrations
simplicity at its finest

I would love to share a book or two each week if you all are interested.
I'm pulling them off my shelf one by one
and it's not to much to make a scan or two or three

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far...
Our airstream will be finished at the paint shop later this week
 and I'm hopping to have pictures by the end of the month :)
I'm so excited. We have weekend trips planned for the first 3 weekends in July
I can't wait to share our adventures of the road with you all!

P.S. Yours truly is a featured seller on Lollishops at the moment 
along with my dear friend Evelyn


Pink Trees and Sunshine said...
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Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

The book is delightful and the inscription is too precious! It will be fun to see your collection! You are not only a wonderful artist, Chelsea Ann, you are also an excellent writer ❤

Christy said...

You can truly illustrate a kid's book chelsea! don't defer your dream! :)

Julie Fillo said...

I really enjoyed seeing this! Thank you!

apparentlyjessy said...

Eeee! I enjoy children's books too! I have been building up a secret little stash under my bed. I love the inscription in this book, so charming!
The thought of reading a book illustrated by you brings a smile to my face!
I do look forward to seeing more delightful books, and also to your airstream adventures! x

creative breathing said...

Definitely share Chelsea Ann! This one was so special! Your birthday photo! I see where your love of thrills began. Airstream envy here! Can't wait. I'm still working on my husband about getting a vintage camper and joining a club. We have to do something in his retirement! He says he'll buy me a tent! Enjoy your week! Such busy times for you. All good things wished your way! E