Bunny Love

Although I completely understand why, it still kills me
that I can't share my foster kiddos here. 
Oh what fun I would have with some of there darling and amusing snapshots
But I do have one little fellow in my life who deserves a bit more attention.
If you don't recall Sunday is my bunny who we found in our neighborhood
and who has become quite a big part of our family.
(you can read our "Sunday" story here)
Sunday lives in our home, which yes is a bit smelly
but he gets a tad grumpy if he's left alone in his cage to long.
He does however LOVE his outside pen where he spends his time
digging an amazing fortress of a den.
It's amusing to say the least how much work he puts into his hole,
digging and pushing dirt around like a little bulldozer.
But just as soon as I think I'm never going to get him out of there
he covers it back up. What a silly rabbit!

But the day he was the silliest of all
was the day my husband found him carrying around this wad of grass in his mouth.
After hours of watching him hop around in such a manner,
I finally "helped" him put it down.
I was afraid maybe he had lock jaw or something... 
it was just so strange that he wouldn't put it down.
We tried to google this strange behavior, but everything suggested he was nesting.
I wonder then why he never put it down, and began to eat it as soon as he was free of it?
hmmmm... any ideas? 
I should mention I'm not 100% sure that Sunday is a boy,
we just had a friend check for us who's had a lot of bunnies.
Either way Sunday hasn't been around any other bunnies,
so why would he/she be thinking about nesting anyways?
Plus he's standing on top of his den in this picture
so I can also conclude he wasn't trying to make his little home more cozy.
Hopefully we'll be able to get him fixed soon,
as I've heard they may get grumpy otherwise...
Sunday has his moments, but in general he's such a love bug.
He's especially lovable at night-time when I'm up feeding the baby.
He rings his little bell like crazy just begging me to come over and pet him.

Danielle Thomspon: Chalboard Parper, & Washi Tape Frames
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Chelsea Ann (ME): Hello Fall
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Party in The Sky

Yesterday we said our goodbyes to a sweet young lady who has been
in our home these past 11 months. It was a bitter sweet goodbye
with much concerned about her future welfare.
Sadly there is only so much that can be done to keep children safe
and now we must prey and hope that our fears will not come to fruition.
But of coarse she was very excited to return home
and so we hope above all that she will be safe and happy from this day forth.

We recently celebrated her 13th birthday with our friends and family.
It was her very first birthday party, and that made it all the more special!
Unfortunately I've been quite under the weather with the pregnancy,
(now 10 weeks along) and so I only had a few short hours to devote to making
this party as special as I could for her and our guests.
Leaving the house is a nightmare with a house full of kids,
and a miserably unhappy tummy
so ALL the decorations were things we had around the house
and a digital kit from Minitoko called Cute.
And CUTE her party was indeed.

Confetti Border is also available from Minitoko

For the backdrop I hung a bed sheet for the sky
offset by a black tablecloth for a really bold and graphic pop.
I spread out a multi-colored rope light along the table and covered it with
cotton fluff from my craft supplies closet to look like floating clouds.
The effect was so pretty with the lights turned low.

We are so lucky to have a wonderful organization in our area called 
Community Cakes which provided free homemade cakes to those who would 
otherwise not receive one.
As a foster parent I can't express enough how much this service 
has blessed the lived of our children. 

I HIGHLY recommend using Digi Kits for party decorations and invites
There are so many unique kits out there, with themes you
might otherwise never come across in a department store.
It's easy to think that a party is going to cost a bundle,
but if you think outside of the box, repurposing items from around your home
you can come up with something that leaves your wallet happy
 and your guest in ahhhh! 

Hello Fall

My newest digi kit
Hello Fall, it's now available at Kitschy Digitals.
I had a lot of fun with this kit, especially designing the woodland critters.
Fall really is one of my very favorite times of year,
I tried to capture some of my favorite aspects of the season
such as visiting the pumpkin patch, celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family,
and playing in the leaves. 

Do you recall my Wizard of Oz mask kit I made for Kitschy Digitals?
This past month my mask kit has been featured by 
just to name a few. 
Some one pinch me!!!