A Birthday Bunny

I've been pining for a bunny for the last few years,
but my husband's reply has always been
"when you're eighty!"
I figured I'd wear him down eventually
but I was't too upset because with a Jack Russell Terrier in the house
a bunny probably wasn't the best idea anyhow.
Well call it plain dumb luck, or the hands of fait
but this little bunny found me..
Late one evening my dogs wouldn't stop barking
and from the other room I could hear my husband taunting the dogs
"you want some rabbit stew?"
I off coarse think he's just trying to teasing me.
But there really was a bunny!
What a sight I must have been running around the neighborhood 
trying to catch a bunny in my polka dotted pajamas.
My husband just laughed, enjoying the spectacle of me making a total fool of myself.
Well I quickly realized I wasn't going to catch the little guy 
so I just sat down to watch him
and that's when the magic happened
the little guy just came right up to me.
It became very clear that this was no wild rabbit
(probably someone's Easter bunny)
so we took him into our garage and my husband made
 the little guy a place to sleep for the night.
For the next couple of days I asked everyone I came across if they wanted a bunny
knowing that the longer he stayed the more I was going to get attached.
My husband had made it quite clear that he didn't want to have a bunny
and that dogs and bunnies just don't mix
so never in my wildest dreams did I think we could keep him.
Turns out however, that my husband knew from the moment the bunny came into the garage 
that we were keeping him.
He wanted to wait until my Birthday, 
but it became clear to him that someone was going to finally say "yes" and spoil his plans.

I actually named mr. bunny without even really thinking about it.
We found him on a Sunday night, and we needed something to call him.
I actually don't have a clue what Sunday's gender is...
but hopefully we can have the little "guy" "fixed" soon enough
and have ourselves an infinitive answer.

Sunday's the sweetest little bunny that I've ever met.
He's a curious little fellow, always ready for an adventure.
He's super friendly, even when let loose he comes back
 for a little snack or just to cuddle. 
Surprisingly both our dogs have been fine around the bunny when he's in his cage.
Hopefully in the next few months we will have both a hutch for the garage and the yard,
I'd prefer to custom design and build them with my hubby.
I would love to go less traditional and have them look more like giant bird houses...
but we'll have to see, because I'm not much of a craftsman, and my hubby may not be up for any more projects for a while - he's currently building a patio and gazebo! 

Oh - and guess what, my husband loves him too!!! 
I truly believe Sunday was always meant to be our little bunny! 

It really was a most special birthday. 
Despite me having a total melt down due to some of my kiddos terrible behavior 
and a total lack of sleep
because we have a BABY in the house! Yupp, our first baby!
My lovely friends and family spoiled me as always
and among my gifts I got a sewing machine, relaxing bath goodies, 
vintage toys, books, flowers, and a homemade cake - make that two cakes!
I believe this is going to be a very special year... how could it not be!!!


Kitsune said...

What a cutie Sunday is! I'm glad you had a good birthday!

Cate said...

Happy happy birthday, Chelsea! I used to have a rabbit, too, and they are such sweet and gentle little creatures. I let mine wander around my apartment, and he would always sit at my feet and nibble my shoes as I worked, which I just loved. I know you're going to love having a little bunny in your life! :)

Sandy Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday and congrats on your new bunny! It looks like our bunny Thumper. You will find that they are very intelligent animals!

Sandy xox