A Special Gift

I'm really fortunate to have such amazing friends,
most I have never personally met,
and others whom I would have never met had we not found one another 
through the internet.
The world internet is so perfectly suiting -
Just as the word implies, we throw out a net to find answers to our questions, 
uses for our time, and most significantly we find kindred spirits. 
My friend Tara is one such spirit. 
Perhaps our paths may have crossed, 
but would we be the friends we are today if we hadn't first 
gotten to really know one another from afar?
Our personalities are so wildly different 
that I'm not sure we would have hit it off 
had we not had those months of long intimate e-mails. 
Although we have only met now a hand full of times
I feel as if we have always been friends,
and I count her among the blessing in my life,
 and would gladly and without hesitation be at her side
 at a moments notice if ever she needed me. 

(Tara modeling a new Yo Yo Pretties creation - more about this coming soon)

Tara and I have a bit of a history of sending each other special little gifts. 
It's fun to put a little something special together for someone you really care about,
so when I finished my Qtea Party digi kit 
I just knew I had to make something up for Tara
as she's the only person I know who really appreciates a good cup of tea.
For me on the other hand it's all make believe,
although I have recently fallen in love 
(in a bad way)
with Monster Energy's, Raspberry Peace Tea

I purchased a sample pack of tea from Celia Linnemann of
 Portland, OR 
from her etsy shop - Kyra Botanica

The sample pack of 3 was the perfect way to fill these little canister
 I picked up from World's Market for .99 cents each.
I designed the labels and printed them out on my home printer
then wrapped each label in cellophane to help them last.
I then used E600 glue to attach heart shaped cabochons to the tops of the canisters. 

Isn't this little strawberry tea cup just darling!?
I found it at Ruche - an online retail shop
(much like Anthropologie)

Even if you don't have any computer skills or software
you can easily print out the tea tags
for embellishing your gifts or for making party banners or what not. 

Digi kits are a great way to make packaging extra special!
I'm not sure if Tara will ever have use for all these sugar cubes,
but I just could help myself... 

One of the things that makes Kitschy Digitals extra sweet 
(-especially for this busy girl who doesn't get the opportunity to craft 
and scrapbook quite as much as I would like)
These lucky artist get the first opportunity to play with our new kits. 
I practically sprung out of my chair with excitement when I first saw 
these amazing recipe cards done up by artist and blogger Marie Lottermoser

It's such an absolute treat and thrill to see other's inspired creations using our kits!
So please do share if you yourself get inspired 
- you can e-mail me at redchelseann (at) gmail.com


Kitsune said...

Chelsea...this was quite honestly one of sweetest gifts I have ever received! I also count your friendship as a huge blessing in my life! You understand me in a way people I have known for years do not. Also, I look like I did as a teenager in that close-up photo, heehee...I think you must bring out the little girl in me. ^_^ And believe you me, between Ian and I we will definitely use up that sugar cubes (eventually). We have chai at least once a week and Ian uses two cubes to my one. He was so excited to have sugar cubes in the house again! ;)

Muhammad Atif said...

I just knew I had to make something up for my friend and Send gifts to him.