Raggedy Ann Party

Time flies by so fast
and with all the change our little home sees
I'm ever so grateful for the moments forever captured 
with those tiny squares of color called pixels.
I think some 15 kids have been welcomed in to our home thus far -
some leaving a bigger mark on our lives than others.
This little doll is one such little soul that I will NEVER EVER forget,
and I was so excited that just yesterday we got a very special little visitor!
Typically I can't share my kiddos faces here,
but this little gal's momma gave her blessing!
We are so so proud of this momma,
and feel very blessed that we have been able to piece together a friendship
were in the world of foster care 
things are sadly usually anything but friendly.

As with most cases,
children leave just as quickly as they come
so it's difficult to get the opportunity to both say goodbye
and most importantly to celebrate their next chapter.
So lately I've been collecting and working on little party ideas
 that are both uniquely special to each child in our home 
but also easy to throw together at a moments notice. 

I used some of the paper dolls for my Freebie 
available for instant download at Kitschy Digitals
to create a quick and easy little banner.
I've been collecting Raggedy Ann items for a while now,
(although strangely I don't have a single doll)
so it was fun to see all my little treasures together like this.
I quickly pieced together the wig 
using diy instructions from A Beautiful Mess
it took a bit longer than I anticipated
 so I was glad to find a bonnet in the
dress-up box to cover the back of her head.
I believe I painted each child's face at least 3 times!

The more I dive into motherhood the more I see myself
as a "suzy Homemaker" 
and that is especially true in the kitchen.
I was so excited when I finished this cake!
(no box and double layered!)
Sadly it didn't save me a bit of money
which was the initial idea,
but it did seem to make it extra special.
Don't you just love those Raggedy Ann and Andy flower picks!?

I really didn't buy anything for this party
except for the food and a few balloons. 
If you're anything like me you just have stuff!!!
So I just borrowed from room to room
until I had my fold out table perfectly festive.
That's one of the keys to throwing a quick party I think
Just go all out in one area,
decorating the entire house is too much work,
I mean come on it's hard enough to have the house itself clean.

Isn't this vintage 80's record just too fun!?
So far none of my kids are really into my record collection
they are too "cool" I guess.
Although it may just be a volume issue -
we really need to get some type of an amplifier 
so that the kids can really feel the music.

This little doll filled our lives with so much joy and laughter
and while we would have selfishly kept her forever
we are so happy that she is home
where she truly belongs!

"We must all have all the fun we can together!"

- Raggedy Andy


Stink Bone Jones said...

You never cease to amaze me! I'm sure she will ways feel the same about you as you do her! I'm so happy to hear a happy ending for her. What a blessing for you & her to have spent some special time together through her journey of life.

Elaine From LA said...

I can't say it any better than Stink Bone Jones :~)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing woman you are!!!! <3 Ashley smith!!

Kitsune said...

This is adorable! It's also wonderful to hear that she is doing so well in her home!

Danielle said...

Hi there, is the Raggedy Ann and Andy Digi Kit still available somewhere? I used it for the baby shower for our soon-to-be 5 year old daughter and would like to use the images again for her 5th birthday party. However, when I click on the images in my saved files, it says I no longer have permission to access the file location. Is there any way you could make the kit available to me again?