Digital Kit elements from Once Upon A Gypsy by Chelsea Ann.  Available exclusively at Kitschy Digitals

Lately I've been thinking about trends and friendships.
Those might seem like completely different topics, 
but when most of your friends are in cyber space
they seem one and the same, to me at-least.
Have you felt a change in Blogland?
A disconnect?
I sure have, I also know I have changed,
well at least in term of how I blog and connect with my blog community.
I fully admit I'm a little ashamed of myself.
I've let myself become a bystander to some of my dearest friends. 
I visit blogs only occasionally, and instead of leaving a comment
or simply sending out a friendly "hello",
Yes, I am ashamed that everyday I pin beautiful inspiring images,
but don't often give a second thought to the artist, mother, and even friend 
who brought something new and lovely into my life.
I've allowed cyberspace to become an interpersonal wasteland,
which is terribly sad because I've know it to be so much more.
Through the years I have been touched so much from the friendships 
I've forged through our connected interest and stories. 
My relationships here have felt just as real as any I have ever known,
and again I am ashamed that I have let myself disconnect. 
Please know I love and cherish my internet community dearly,
and I make a pledge starting now to be a better friend.
So here is to starting a new trend,
to making new friends,
and reconnecting to old and dear ones!

 Available exclusively at Kitschy Digitals

So in other news

I just finished my 5th digi kit for Kitschy Digitals called Once Upon A gypsy.
This kit was a pain in the butt! 
LOL No seriously, it really drove me crazy from day one all the way to the end.
It started with these fortune cards I found that once would have come out of 
one of those mystical machines you might find at a fair or on a pier.
They were the starting point, but you wouldn't believe how 
indecent they were, which shocked me because 
I couldn't help but imagine
 little children trying to understand what the fortune teller foresaw of their future.
Well kids, let's just say it's best kept a secret! 
I debated for so long whether or not I ought to just scrape them, 
but I so loved their quirky generic answers and vibrant old-school printing
that I finally decided to clean them up - literally and figuratively. 
Everything else was just a matter of finding and learning the skills to 
achieve the desired end result. 
So in the end all the headaches and endless hours was so completely worth it 
because I love the way it turned out. 
So now it's time to move on to kit number 6,
and see what headaches and exciting new skills it will require. 
I'm not sure about you, but I both HATE and LOVE learning something new.


Diane Mars said...

You are doing beautiful work! I am loving all your different elements that are in each kit, keep up the good work you are on a roll! Hugs, Diane

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl, I admit I am in the same boat as you. I read your blog all the time btw and just pinned your awesome Moose Head..tee,hee. Anyway I though I would stop by and leave a comment this time. I also wanted you to know that I am hoping and praying that you will be blessed with a baby bump soon! Remember when we did the altered Christmas doll swap and I sent you the Mini Blythe? Good times!

All the best!