A Day Of Dress Up

I've been working on some promotional images 
for a new product line I'm working on for Yo Yo Pretties,
and while these items aren't quite ready to make their debut 
I just couldn't leave these images floating on my desktop a minute longer.
Besides today is my last day as a blond,
so I best share my current look
(minus about an inch of dark roots).
now before you all start saying 
"stay blond" like the rest of my family.
I actually went blond with the intention of going pink
but now with IVF coming up
I want to be my natural color
so that I don't have to mess with colorings
during pregnancy

If you're just jumping into my blog
this is my dear friend Tara.
Sometimes I'm not sure why she puts up with my crazy antics
but I'm sure glad she does! 

I can't wait to finally get these clips in the shop... 
but unfortunately time is never on my side these days...
but I swear they will be available in just a short 2 weeks.

Normally I do pretty well in front of the camera,
but with Tara and my Mother-in-law in tow
I was a bit too excited and giddy... 
and so most of my pictures were a total disaster. 
But I love this one with my cheesy happy smile!!! 

Thankfully Tara had her act together!

Tara was actually the one who came up with the design for the shoot.
Her AMAZING shoes were the inspiration for the clip design.
I couldn't believe she would trek through the countryside with these beauties.
If they were mine I would certainly be to scared
to even take them out of their box. 

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Sue said...

You and Tara look so cute together in these photos, Chelsea. I'm so glad the two of you share such a lovely friendship. Keeping positive thoughts for you!