It's Friday!

I am excited to show you all the best flea market find ever. These gnomes are a special present for my very best pal Victoria who is graduating today!!! I couldn't have found a more perfect gift. I can't wait to give them to her later today... hopefully she doesn't check my blog out today and ruin the surprise. But I have a pretty good notion that she will be far to busy for such things!

So todays quote is for Victoria (& for me too):

Take Everything You Like Seriously, 
Except Yourselves.
                                                                    -Rudyard Kyding


Teena said...

Oh no! Your gnomes are shy and the pictures won't load! Will come back soon to take a look. I LOVE gnomes! There was a wonderful article in some news supplement here about how to add value to your property - getting rid of any gnomes in your garden was rated at around £10k!!!! Well that's my equity down the swannee!! xx

Teena said...

Ooh they're very cute! Very fine hats! In much better condition than mine hiding in the long grass (I photographed them for my guilty secrets blog the other day! I do mean to repaint them but it just hasn't got to the top of the list...shame on me!! thankfully there are no 'neglected gnomes' police about! xx

Anonymous said...

I love them !!!! :)))

Christy said...

I love them I love them I love them!!!!