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If we don't succeed 
we run the risk of failure. 
-Dan Quayle

Wednesday night my little sister graduated from high school! One of the speakers quoted this statement by former Vice President Dan Quayle. I thought it was an extremely powerful statement. Lately I have been thinking a lot about our global responsibilities. As a young person I find it extremely difficult to understand the politic arena. I don't understand the current war we are in or our economy and what is best to stimulate it. I haven't picked a party, and I wont just go with who my family and friends are voting for. I want to understand the impact of my vote. But how can I if I don't understand the issues?

I am also extremely concerned about our planet earth. When I first came to Portland I thought everyone was a bit crazy. Now I'm confident to say "so am I!" I am crazy about what people throw out every day. I am disturbed by what I see people throwing out at my work, at our local dump, and at construction sites. (just to name a few) As an in interior designer I studied green design and I am constantly baffled at the amount of miscommunication we receive from HGTv and other well known sources concerning green living. 

I didn't know that this was what this post was going to be like-But sometimes its good to remember that there are really LARGE issues out there, and each one of us plays a role in the outcome. I hope you all are taking initiatives in what you believe in, and are questioning everything. My mother taught me to never believe what people tell you until you yourself have examined both sides. I am so glad she instilled this values in me, even if it leaves me quite confused most of the time.

The idea for sharing a quote and photograph on Fridays came from Bella Dia.

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Patty said...

I've voted in every presidential election since I hit voting age. I'll still vote in local and state elections but I'm not voting for president in November. The nominee is decided by delegates and super delegates, not the people. And then the winner of the general election will be decided by the electoral college We really have no say. And, when I look at how much money was spent by all the candidates, I want to throw up. It's good you're willing to look at both sides and make an informed choice.