Monday II-The Wedding Location

We got married in Union Town Washington, in the same church that my husbands grandparents had been united in marriage over 50 years ago. I knew the second I walked into that beautiful church that it was the place I wanted to be wed in. St. Benefice was the first consecrated Catholic church of Washington, and is often refereed to as the wedding cake chapel. We had a little over 6 months to plan the wedding, for a town of with no grocery store and no stop sign through the middle of town we didn't think we woua problem booking a reservation. Boy were we wrong. The chapel is a vert popular wedding destination for the eastern Washington. I cried so much the day we found out that the chapel had to be booked a year in advanced. Thank goodness for my husbands sales experience, he called the priest and talked him into doing two weddings in one day. It didn't hurt that my husband was the only person wanting to get married in the church who was actually a member. We also lucked out a second time when the old nunnery which is now a bed in breakfast was not booked. But that was only by accident because the other couple getting married that day never put any money down for the place. I ended up lending her the honeymoon suite so that her and her party could get ready. Our reception was just a couple of miles down the road at the old Artisan Barn. The barn formally known as the Dahman Barn was donated by my husbands great aunt and uncle to the city. The famous wagon wheel fence was built by them over many decades. 

In the end I had the perfect fairytale country wedding. 

I found these lovely photos online by barrettdarnell's.


Brandie said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I want that old barn in my back yard!

Eva said...

congratulations!!! :D those are amazing pictures- looks like something straight out of a fairy tale! i love that picture of you in the fields- amazing shot!

christina said...

Ok - last creepy-stalker comment from me. Hahah. Looks like such a lovely wedding! Congratulations to you!

If you don't mind, I'm going to add you to my blogroll! I'm having way to much fun here :)