6 Unimportant Things... About Me!

I've been tagged by Rachael

1. I dream about being the perfect house wife but hate to clean!
2. I HATE to drive!
3. I love children's stuff, especially vintage!
4. I don't drink tea or coffee - Yuck!
5. I have a really bad sweet tooth - BAD!
6. Carnations are my favorite flowers...

Collage made with flickr images! I have such an issue with getting my photoshop images the right size on blogger. If anybody has any tip about pixel size and resolution... I would love the help. Otherwise... click on the collage to see it bigger!


Rachael Herbert said...

Wow -I love your collage!

I'm with you for everything except #4 & 6 (I love a cup of tea in the afternoon and I can't pick a single flower as a favorite).

Thanks for playing along :)

Anonymous said...

I dream about being the perfect house wife too. :)

La Belle said...

That was me, anonymous.

Christy said...

I'm with you on #1, # 3 and #5! Your collage is adorable!