A 4 Star Weekend

Memories are made
in simple little moment shared
this last weekend was exactly that
sweet little moments of time shared with my husband
for this trip was work-time for hubby and play for me
although I got a lot of work done too!!!

We stayed at the beautiful Davenport Hotel
in Spokane Washington
if you live close by I strongly encourage you to visit
this historic and timeless treasure located in the heart of Spokane
you don't have to be a guest of the hotel
to take a peak around

The Davenport Hotel, Spokane

There are a hand full of spaces I could share with you
but really their website documents it all so much better
I did however want to share this image of the
Marie Antoinette Ballroom
how romantic would a winter wedding be in this grand space!?

Jimmy and I also went for a little drive
up to see the mansions
and then to take some pictures at the White Elephant Surplus store
kind of a let down inside...
but oh you can't beat the parade of elephants
that go all the way around the building!

Playing around with textures and actions


Kassondra DeBoer said...

wow that hotel is beautiful!

the second outfit you are wearing is amazing!!!

Pink Tree Studio said...

Hello, lovely lady :~)

apparentlyjessy said...

I love the first photo of you, classic and beautiful!
The hotel is gorgeous too, I would have felt like a princess staying there!

Retro Plants said...

oh pretty, pretty, pretty!!!
what a gorgeous, fancy hotel. . . romance city :)

i LOVE the new textures!

Pink Lady said...

pretty pictures! your blog is the cutest i´ve every seen! i love it! have a great weekend!!!